Zodiac Signs as Songs From Khalid’s Album "American Teen"


Who doesn’t love good music and zodiac posts? Here is an article that combines both of those things. I have been obsessed with Khalid’s album American Teen lately, so find out which song from that album best fits your zodiac sign! Then go listen to all the rest of the songs because they are all fantastic.


Capricorn - “Hopeless”


Aquarius - “8TEEN”


Pisces - “Young Dumb & Broke”


Aries - “Coaster”


Taurus - “Therapy”


Gemini - “Cold Blooded”


Cancer - “Angels”


Leo - “Saved”


Virgo - “Location”


Libra - “Another Sad Love Song”


Scorpio - “Winter”


Sagittarius - “Shot Down”



Happy listening!


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