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Will You Accept this Recap?: The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 7

Another week, another Bachelorette recap!


Let’s Not Listen to Your Heart

Jess: Is it any surprise that we’re starting off this episode with another ominous La Quinta Spa and Resort shot? Literally, these opening shots of pool floats with tense music in the background makes me feel like we’re watching The Purge rather than The Bachelorette

Immediately a contrast is set up between the two “villains” of the season so far—Chasen and Noah—with the rest of the guys talking s*** about “young Noah.” 

Let’s be real, though, Chasen and Noah—as Chasen sits there laughing obnoxiously while Noah calls the guys and, I quote, “a bunch of weens”—are not really threats at all. 

Chris Harrison walks in like a kindergarten teacher starting off the school day as he chipperly exclaims, “boys!” and calls out Noah immediately. Chris is the pettiest man of them all, and I’m here for it. Chris describes the competition for the one-on-one date as “unbelievable,” and Chris, I don’t know if you saw that date later, but playing “the floor is lava” is not exactly an unbelievable date. Nonetheless, the producers purposely choose all of the worst musicians of the group (minus Demar, I see you with that mocha latte song that as an avid caffeine addict I stan) to compete. 

I absolutely love Demar’s energy, Ivan is a gem and Bennett references “spit[ting] some flow for my high school friends over, you know, some retreats.” I’m just wondering if he’s referencing polo camp or some other Harvard-esque entity. One would think Kenny, a boy-band manager, would absolutely conquer this date. But clearly, we see that this date is a struggle for all the guys.

Tayshia can rock anything (shout out to that fabulous yellow dress), and I give her props for being able to listen to some of these absolutely horrendous “Listen to Your Heart ” performances. 

Blake reminded me of when I traveled through Canada and saw performers playing random instruments in the middle of the city square while everyone would ignore them completely. Kenny keeps calling Tayshia “T” and if I was Tayshia, that would qualify for grounds to send him home immediately. Bennett rapping was as paradoxical as it sounds, and I love Ivan but Demar was robbed! Justice for Demar! 

Rebecca: Before I get into the group date, I need to ask Chris Harrison a little question. Did you really need to stir the pot and remind the men that Noah got the group date rose on a date he wasn’t supposed to be on? That’s a bit harsh, man. 

Moving on. Geez, I can’t believe they’re making the men write love songs. This is giving me major Listen to Your Heart vibes. Bennett sits there and tries to rhyme (got to use that Harvard degree for something since he didn’t take any music classes). Honestly, the way to “win” these types of dates is to go bold, don’t be nervous and sing from the heart. Tayshia isn’t judging them too harshly, after all.

Ooof so many of them are rhyming. Blake can’t play an instrument at all. Those bagpipes are awful when someone knows how to play them. Bennett rapped. His slant rhymes are decent, though. Demar’s “Mocha Latte” isn’t that bad, but it’s more funny. The man who I think did the best is Ivan’s super sweet poem. The move that got him the “win” is pulling Tayshia and allowing her to share the moment. He’s moving up on my list.


Black Lives Matter

Jess: We start out with Brendan literally narrating word for word his perspective on Ivan and the date he’s about to have and I couldn’t help but laugh at how he’s potentially gunning for Chris Harrison’s job. 

Personally, if I got a date like this on The Bachelorette, I would be bummed. I can sit home in my pajamas once I go home during the pandemic; I came on this show for the fireworks! For Chris Harrison! Not to play “the floor is lava” or to be hit with an 1800s-style pillow. Plus, if I was on this date, the crew would need to be ready for some furniture to break because I am extremely competitive. 

While this date was not necessarily my cup of tea, I love how fun they had and just made the best of it—1800s-style pillows and all. And I love Ivan, he seems like such a sweet, quiet, fun yet deep guy and he even describes Tayshia as someone who “brings [him] new life.” We also catch a glimpse of a literal human size ice cream sundae in front of them. 

Even before the conversation about Black Lives Matter, I loved seeing a conversation about being biracial air. A conversation where we finally get representation outside of the white-washed bachelor bubble. It was something that was so powerful and refreshing after Bachelor Nation pushed so hard for diversity this summer as the franchise significantly lacks it. 

Now, the conversation between Ivan and Tayshia outside of her suite was something I never expected to see in this franchise. A conversation that was not just about someone’s “journey” or their parents getting divorced, but something so pervasive, real and imperative. The conversation starts off with Ivan’s brother and hits topics like prison brutality, addiction, police brutality, George Floyd, police reform, being black in America, microaggressions and COVID-19. Tayshia breaks down and talks about how it affects her being from Orange County (a predominantly white California county) and how she has tried her whole life to fit in and, “hearing people yelling Black Lives Matter it hit me more than I realized because those are people in my backyard I’ve been trying to prove for so long that I’m the same as them.” 

This conversation was so monumental. This franchise is one that has shown white-washed, limited portrayals for so long. To finally get something that was real, a discussion about what it means to be black in America and live through the reality of 2020—the Black Lives Matter movement and a global pandemic—was something I am so happy this franchise finally decided to show. It shows the magnitude of the conversations that can be had when a cast is not just a group of predominantly white men or solely white women leads every single season. Representation and conversations about race issues can be held and handled in an incredibly honest, vulnerable way and it can add to the conversation and even start a conversation about race in some households. 

I give Ivan and Tayshia props for being so vulnerable, and I applaud the show for finally taking steps to try and remedy how white-washed and limited they’ve been in the past thanks to efforts from so many in Bachelor Nation demanding representation. 

This was a great start, and I am excited for a future where this franchise can touch on topics like Black Lives Matter and more. Like Rebecca mentioned, the sexual assault conversation between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Colton Underwood was something the franchise handled beautifully and America needed to hear. Conversations about race and gender are ones that need to be had, and the media can be a vehicle in moving these dialogues forward. 

Ivan gets the rose, and America stans. 

Rebecca: Tayshia wants to have fun with Ivan and see him let loose. They’re genuinely just having a good time, especially when she hits him with a pillow. I’ve never seen a pillow in real-life explode feathers like that. While the games are super cute, I’m just waiting for them to get a bit more emotional. It always happens.

Ivan talks about his brother’s struggle with drugs and prison time. It just about makes my heart melt. He loves his brother so much. Then, he mentions George Floyd and how all of the events have affected him. After that, he asks her how she’s been dealing with everything. Tayshia breaks down, but Ivan is right there to support her. She talks about the difficulties growing up in Orange County and alludes to the Black Lives Matter protests. He relates to her and shares his experiences in a mainly white college.

I’m shocked that The Bachelorette actually aired this conversation between Ivan and Tayshia. I don’t think I’ve seen a serious conversation handled this well since Caelynn talked about her sexual assault with Colton Underwood. Yet, that’s nothing compared to this discussion about race and Black Lives Matter. There’s never been such an open conversation about race on any Bachelor show to my knowledge. Rachel Lindsay may have been the first Black bachelorette—and she speaks out about her experiences often—but the producers hadn’t made much of an effort to change things until this summer when fans started the Bachelor Diversity Campaign and they named Matt James the first Black bachelor. This was long overdue, and I’m glad that it wasn’t censored in any way. 

Obviously, Ivan gets the rose, and I’m super happy for him. He deserves it. He’s definitely in my top three for sure. Ivan deserves the world.

Chris Harrison is Doing the MOST

Jess: Former bachelorette Becca Kufrin and former contestant from Colton Underwood’s season Sydney Lotuaco are here! I love both of them (despite how problematic Becca’s final pick, Garrett, was) and am so happy to see them back on our screens!

I absolutely loved this date. It was so fun, despite how Sydney states they’re going to push the guys’ limits “physically, emotionally, and definitely mentally.” Honestly here for that content. Becca also alludes to her old catchphrase of “do the damn thing” when she says we want to make sure you “did the damn dares” which made me have 2018 flashbacks of a pre-pandemic world. 

Now let me just say, chugging those disgusting a** smoothies was impressive. Cow intestines and water scorpion? I would flee La Quinta on the spot. Props to Riley and the rest of the guys for chugging that entire thing. 

The inclusion of Chris Harrison throughout this season has been immaculate, and even in non-COVID times we definitely need more of this man. We pan to him breaking open lobster to classical music, which was the footage I never knew I needed as Bennett chases after him while Chris demeans the men by calling them “boys” again. Signing the men’s a**es? Chris Harrison is literally grinding for his paycheck this season. 

Becca shouts at the men to fake their best orgasm and I literally cried with laughter as the camera pans to the men not on this date overhearing their sounds. Both Bennett and Kenny gave lowkey pseudo-murder vibes while Tayshia fell over laughing. The producers hooking the phone up to play for the rest of the guys? They’re working almost as hard as Chris Harrison. 

Chris asks, “what do I get out of this?” and literally same Chris as I watch these men die while eating jalapeno peppers and being forced to confess their love. 

“We are proposing with a puke bucket next to us,” honestly any girl’s dream (especially Bennett’s which was actual poetry). 

Rebecca: When Dr. Joe read the date card aloud the night before the date, Bennett was not afraid to put Noah in his place for whining about not being on this date. He crashed the wrestling date, got the rose and spent one-on-one time with her. Bennett, you can teach Noah manners any day. There’s being bold, and there’s being a whiny, greedy child. Noah is leaning toward the latter.

Now, back to the date. I’m not shocked that Becca and Sydney are here. Since the show can’t travel as usual, I guess they need to bring in lots of Bachelor Nation guests. They plan a giant truth or dare game. It’s hysterical that Becca and Sydney had planned a bunch of dares for the men to do. Some of them are disgusting. Some are hysterical. You can be the judge of which is which.

Basically, the men circle through all three of these dares. Some highlights: Poor Riley chugs an awful smoothie that made me want to barf. Demar gets Chris Harrison to sign his a*s. Kenny fakes an orgasm on the hotel phone that broadcasts on a giant speaker. Blake goes next on the speaker. A brief second of Demar and Bennett faking orgasms are also shown. These are probably the best of dares as the men not on the date laugh their a*sses off and rate their performances. I was cracking up.

The men’s final dare is eating a habanero pepper and fake proposing to Tayshia. Some of them hold it together better than others. Zac C.’s is pretty decent. Yet, Bennett’s confession is so heartwarming. I’m still not sure if I see him and Tayshia, but he’s an amazing man. 



Jess: Bennett walks in rocking his Clark Kent look and I’m here for it as he divulges how he had almost been married before. I personally am a Bennett fan, Harvard and all. 

Blake and Tayshia don’t really have any chemistry. I still like him and his sweet, Canadian nature, but I just don’t ship it. All the guys open up, and I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of Zac C. and I don’t know why. He’s just really corny and that makes me visibly cringe. Nonetheless, Zac gets the rose and I can’t deny that he and Tayshia have chemistry.

Rebecca: The after-date cocktail party is meant to be the “truth” part of the evening. Bennett gets really truthful. He talks about how he had called off an engagement because he knew it wasn’t right. Now he explains how he’s excited to see where things go with Tayshia. He sees the potential. It finally feels like there’s more with Bennett. I’ve seen him confident, but he’s never been this giddy or lovestruck. He’s blushing! 

All of the other men are opening up too. While I appreciate the honesty from all the men, they breeze by. None of them really stand out, but the producers hone in on Zac C. He claims that he gets nervous around Tayshia, but he’s not shy. I’m just not feeling him. I agree with Jess. Something feels off about him to me, and I’m not crazy that he gets the rose. 


Is Drinking Red Wine with Chris Harrison the Best Thing to Come Out of 2020?

Jess: Let me just say, this sequence was one of my all time favorites in Bachelorette history. Watching both Ben and Ed head for Tayshia’s suite was an immaculate cinematic experience. Ben is a sweetheart and Ed is a producer favorite. And clearly, Chris Harrison is a producer favorite, too.

Ed shows up at Chris Harrison’s door at, allegedly, 2:30 in the morning, AKA the producers working harder than Kris Jenner and absolutely trolling everyone involved (including us, the audience). They sip red wine and talk about the season together. It honestly seems like a 2020 pipedream. Are Ed and Chris the real love story of this season we need to be shipping? 

I like Ben, so I’m glad him and Tayshia got to clear things up. Tayshia, however, uses Clare’s overused “show up” line and I can’t help but feel a shiver down my spine. 

Rebecca: Poor Ben. He’s one of my top three! While I agree he should have been more forward on the wrestling date, he’s truly kicking himself. Considering Tayshia likes a bold man, the fact that he sneaks to her room as a “secret mission” should impress her. 

Simultaneously, Ed also decides to pay Tayshia a visit. The cameras go back and forth between the two. I’m waiting for them to meet, but it seems only one of them is hanging with Tayshia tonight. I’m so glad it’s Ben. Ed, on the other hand, wakes up Chris Harrison thinking it’s her room and goes in for a drink. It’s the most awkward, weird and amazing event ever.

Despite Ben being a ball of nerves, his chat goes super well. He apologizes for disappointing her and explains what he hoped would have happened after the date. Ben and Tayshia both admit they have their guards up, but their walls seem to be going down. Ben shows up tonight! He’s back on mine and Tayshia’s good side.

Room service freaks Tayshia out, but the fact that Ben surprises her with the drink is super wonderful. Ben knows how to treat a woman.


14-Year-Old Babies Have No Place On The Bachelorette

Jess: Noah starts out with his “weenie” line again and I have no idea why this man (or according to Bennett, 14-year-old boy) is obsessed with using this word but okay. Also peep Dr. Joe who literally needs to become a star on Paradise

Ed talks about how Tayshia will never pick Noah, and I’m like, really, Ed? Because I don’t think you should be talking. 

Bennett, however, beautifully articulates his jabs at Noah. Truly wondering if he had his thesaurus next to him or his Harvard handbook because he’s incredibly well-spoken.

Ben and Tayshia’s chemistry is crazy and I can definitely see him being in the top three. Riley does the least sexiest thing a man can do and pulls out a contract of love for Tayshia to sign. Brendan, AKA turtleneck king, comes back and I demand that we see more of this man.  

Noah comes out with too many buttons unbuttoned on his all black ensemble. He also references hopping the fence and I cannot help but think of him as Colton Jr. Noah, however, pulls this drama out of nowhere. I understand it must be upsetting to be getting the passive aggressive comments and actions in the house, but I think he took it too far and exaggerated things. 

Tayshia, understandably, gets upset. However, I want to acknowledge how much better she handles conflict than Clare. Clare would be in an uproar and crying. Tayshia is concise, eloquent and the queen we all know she is. 

The men, however, are also understandably upset. None of them seemed to have said anything even remotely close to what Noah alleged. I do give Noah props for owning up to it. It’s not easy being a steak thrown into a lion’s den. 

The word “inadvertently,” however, says it all. Clearly, everything Noah brought to Tayshia was all his own interpretation rather than anything the guys explicitly said and Bennett is not having it. I cannot take Ed seriously, but listening to Eazy and Jordan was much more credible. Bennett calmly roasts him and it was iconic as he says he’s not here for “breastfeeding Noah.” 

Ed somehow gets the last rose, AKA the producer pick. How dare they think keeping Ed makes more sense than keeping Dr. Joe? Disgraceful on production’s part! Ed is probably cheering from the sidelines that Chasen is leaving. 

Plus, the preview for next episode looks absolutely amazing. A two-on-one with Bennett is the television I’m here for. 


Rebecca: There hadn’t been much drama in this episode, but of course it has to happen now. The men in the house are stewing. Ed and Bennett really make their opinions on Noah known to the cameras. 

As he promised, Ben steals Tayshia first, but the others don’t seem to be too mad about it since they don’t know that he visited her the night before. I’m excited about Ben, too, Tayshia. Hard core top three. Brendan also steals my heart again when he says he missed her all week. Tayshia’s great night ends when Noah goes to talk to her. 

Noah really stirs the pot for no reason, and I don’t care for it at all. He claims that the men are talking about how Tayshia gave him a rose “for show.” He claims that they’re talking about how Tayshia isn’t taking this seriously and how they’re discrediting her opinions. I’ve never heard any of that once. The men aren’t questioning Tayshia’s integrity. They’re trash talking Noah.

I’m proud Tayshia stands up for herself and demonstrates how she won’t put up with bull sh*t. It just sucks that it’s all based on Noah’s lies about how the men believe she wants to start drama. I hate that he’s probably going to stick around for a while. All villains do.

The rest of the men are obviously hurt and confused, especially since Tayshia cut the night short. Noah claims his crown with a smirk on his face. The men are in a screaming match. I wholeheartedly agree with what Bennett says. Bennett breaks up the screaming match, saying that this is like a conversation with a 14-year-old, that Noah will never end up with Tayshia and that Noah owes everyone an apology. Noah is a child, and hopefully Tayshia realizes this soon.

I can feel the tension during the rose ceremony. Most of tonight’s losses aren’t a huge deal; however, Dr. Joe deserves justice! Why is Ed still here and Joe isn’t? Bachelor Nation is demanding justice for Joe, and I agree. Hopefully, Paradise is in his future.


Extra Scene

Jess: Drinking red wine in sweats with Chris Harrison? Literally every Bachelor franchise fan’s dream. 

Ed is ridiculous to watch as he calls out Chris Harrison for not knocking on the door of the men’s suite. Clearly, Chris Harrison is a petty man who likes to assert his dominance, Ed! Come on, get with the program. 

Rebecca: Ed is actually hysterical. I don’t see him with Tayshia at all, and since he’s involved in most of the drama that makes him even worse in my opinion. Yet, he’s got a sense of humor. He jokes with Chris about how he needs to knock on the door. Chris takes it in stride. Point for Ed tonight, but only because he got to live Bachelor Nation’s dream of drinking wine with Chris Harrison.


Tayshia’s season seems to be moving extremely fast. Based on the coming attractions for next week, Bennett and Noah’s two-on-one is going to be rough. We’ll just have to hope that Tayshia learns she’s dating a 14-year-old child.

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