Why the Butter Sock is the Best Weapon



The hit television show on Nickelodeon, iCarly, was unique in several ways - one being its invention of a new fantastic weapon. Sam Puckett needed something practical that could most likely do the job and knock someone out, but also something that wouldn’t overstep the line of “too violent” for a kid’s show. What did we end up with? The infamous butter sock.


I mentioned the butter sock to someone the other day who hadn’t seen the show, and of course she said, “What’s a butter sock?” If you’re also wondering, the only way I can think to explain it is that it’s a sock full of butter. Your real question underneath that one is an extremely confused “Why??” and my answer is because the show is strange and because of effectiveness.



Based on this video of Sam’s butter sock attack, it appears as though it is simply one stick of room temperature butter put into a long sock. Even though the butter is soft enough to spray onto Gibby’s face, it still is injuring the person she intends attacking. It certainly is the most unexpected weapon. 


I would test out the butter sock theory myself, but I don’t have the time or commitment to the cause to sacrifice one of my socks to a stick of butter. Luckily, other people have already tried it out and uploaded their videos to Youtube. These YouTubers tested it with several sticks of butter and their conclusion seems to be that it truly is painful, or at least “stunning.” One of the men falls to the ground after being hit. It does prove to be a better offensive attack rather than a defensive technique, though. 


A much younger pair also attempted their own butter sock, which also appeared to be painful. The young boy screams and falls over after being hit by his sister in the back. One hit won’t hurt someone to the point of extreme pain, but I can imagine that being hit several times with it by Sam Puckett is not the most pleasant.  


The butter sock can truly come in handy because it’s easy to carry around and most likely wouldn’t be questioned or feared just sitting in your bag. People will be scared if they see something like a knife or anything else sharp, but the butter sock maintains the surprise of the attack. I would like to emphasize its effectiveness when it is brought into play. 


The butter sock as a weapon is not meant to kill, but only to injure or bring down under your command and control. Because of the shock of what you’re being hit with, you have no choice but to stay in the same place and continue being hit by the sock. It probably won’t break any bones or cause internal bleeding, but it’ll get you to listen to your attacker. Usually, this is all Sam wants so that the group can move through either the plot of the episode or her own personal emotions that were enticed by the person she’s attacking. 


If you’re feeling inspired, you can try out your own butter sock at home - all you need is a stick of butter and a sock. Good luck and don’t hurt yourself...too much.