A Very Brief Look at All the Women Running for the 2020 Presidential Election

As a woman who can finally vote in the 2020 presidential election, I wanted to understand my options of other women who are running to try and change our country. So, I decided to write a very brief introduction to each woman who has announced her plan to run without going too deep into each individual issue. This is just an overview of what the candidates want to change. I’m am also trying to avoid all negative press to just look at policy stances.


Below are our six women running for president so far.


Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren

This democratic lady is all about serving the people—all the people. She strives to end corruption in Washington, create stronger foreign policy, strengthen the democracy, help the middle class and promote criminal justice reform.


Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard is a veteran of the war in Iraq. Some of her main ideas are to protect the environment, provide healthcare for the people, endorse criminal justice reform, support small businesses and ensure that the United States does not keep making mistakes in regard to war.


New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Yet another democrat, Gillibrand is working hard to support agriculture, protect the environment, enforce gun reform, advocate for immigration reform, legalize medical marijuana, work for veterans and protect pro-choice.


California Sen. Kamala Harris

Harris is another Democrat that stands to support reform of the criminal justice system, of protect children and students, hold giant corporations accountable for their actions, protect the environment and defend the Affordable Care Act.


Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar  

Running as a Democrat, Klobuchar is supporting healthcare for all, change of the immigration policy, protection of the environment and its natural resources, implementation of pro-choice and better financial aid for students.


Motivational Speaker and Author Marianne Williamson

The only woman without political experience, Williamson is definitely the odd woman out. She supports advocacy for suffering children, fighting for women’s rights, restructuring the gun reform without complete banning them, reforming the criminal justice system, encouraging education for all and reexamining current immigration policy.


If you wish to learn more about the women who could be running our country, I encourage you to really explore each candidate to find which one works for you. I also encourage you to just look into the election in general and exercise your right to vote  (if you are old enough).


Politics may be something people avoid, but I hope this article has also helped ease you into the upcoming election.


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