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Twenty Year Old’s Need to Play

Playing is stressed all throughout childhood, but it doesn’t need to end in childhood. Tween, teens and adults should continue to play in their daily lives. Playing allows people to take risks depending on how they are playing. Using dramatic play, you can act as a different character testing out new personalities or behaviors that you might be too scared to try as yourself. Play allows you to make mistakes in a safe risk-free environment. 

Many adults play without realizing they are playing. Some people talk to themselves or inanimate objects when they are alone, engaging in make believe play. You might find yourself speaking in accents or dressing up for costume parties, bringing out a dramatic play. Others could even be using rough play by wrestling with friends or family members. Your play could be as basic as throwing a ball around with a friend or playing cards with your family. All play is useful and could help you build more emotional, social or physical skills. 

    Allow yourself to experiment and engage in play in whatever form play looks like to you. Playing is a productive way to destress, socialize or have alone time with yourself. It should make you feel happy and excited to play again. The more you incorporate play in your life the easier it should be to learn and grow. Happy playing!

Abby Wendler

Geneseo '22

Abby is a Junior Early Childhood Education Major with a concentration in Women's Studies. She has a passion for playing melon ball and is currently trying to make melon ball an official school club. Holiday's throughout the year get her especially jazzed when she gets to bake for them or get dressed up.
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