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Top Seven Places to Visit on Geneseo’s Main Street

Main Street in Geneseo, New York is adorable and has some amazing places to visit. Below is a list of some of my favorite places you can go to in Geneseo, in no particular order!

  • The Gallery
    • Our local Geneseo photographer, Keith Walters, takes phenomenal pictures. And his art isn’t the only ones to be viewed there! You can see visiting artist’s work on the walls. You can purchase art of all different sizes, from postcards to large, beautiful creations, made as definite statement pieces in one’s home. You can also buy local cookies there from Finger Lakes Cookie Company (another Geneseo Main street store!).
  • The Not Dot Shop
    • This store has so many cute knickknacks of all different kinds. You can purchase new products from local creators and people in the area. You can find vintage items of sorts or simply a cute piece of jewelry. I’ve gotten beautiful coasters there, string art, wall decor and much more. You can also get a card and every time you spend $20, you get it punched to lead to a discount in the future.
  • Sweet Arts
    • If you love cinnamon buns, cookies, cake pops or coffee, go to Sweet Arts! It has all of these things and I can personally attest to how good all of these are. I love all of them (except coffee, but that’s because I don’t drink coffee; other people love their coffee)! They do custom cakes and it’s also a great study or date spot! I have done work there with friends and once got a free loaf of bread for no reason (sometimes they do that!).
  • Market on Main
    • This shop is adorable and homey. The decor is beautiful and always relative to the season we are in. Currently, there is Halloween decor and other themed items. You can find candles to baby items to personal care items and also, the beautiful decor I mentioned above. I’ve bought practical things there from a soap dish to stylish jewelry!
  • Idle Hour
    • 21+ people, check out this bar! It is great! They have genuinely good drinks and good prices. The bartenders are nice and the place is overall clean and comfortable. One of my favorite drinks is Purple Rain. It has Blue Curacao, Grenadine and Lemonade. Others I know have gotten a drink with Pink Whitney that is also a sweet delicious drink to get you in a good mood.
  • Touch of Grayce
    • This store has a great variety of things and it is especially perfect for finding cute gifts for those in your life. They have essential oils, jewelry, cards and even an entire children’s section. They also have socks with famous women on them; I believe one was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I also bought my friend a magnet there that said “Boss B*tch” and she loved it, so it’s got great items!
  • Sunset Scoops
    • If you love ice cream like I do (a lot!), you’ll love Sunset Scoops. It has awesome hard ice cream, soft ice cream, milkshakes and amazing toppings. My favorite sundae I’ve had was Panda Paw ice cream with peanut butter topping, hot fudge, Oreos and, if you’d like, whipped cream and a cherry! This place is perfect for a delicious treat when you’re craving some ice cream!

There are definitely other great places on Geneseo’s Main Street! I didn’t list all of them, but I wanted to give a special shoutout to these places because they all have been a part of my Geneseo life. Who knows, maybe I’ll do an updated list one day?!

Dara Scolnick

Geneseo '22

Dara is a senior who has an individualized studies major titled, "Child & Youth Studies." She is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, where she follows a passion of hers, which is volunteering. She also enjoys writing and sharing her thoughts with other students which is why she joined Her Campus! She is the Co-Events Coordinator for Geneseo's HC as well!
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