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Top 10 ABBA Songs That Aren’t Dancing Queen

Name a better Swedish pop band from the 70s than ABBA. That’s right, you can’t. With the release of Mamma Mia! 2 this summer, ABBA once again took America by storm, nearly 40 years after they have released any new music. They managed to pack so many of their greatest hits into the two movies, but they also have plenty of other good songs that didn’t make it into either soundtrack. Even still, the only song the general population associates with ABBA is “Dancing Queen”. While “Dancing Queen” is a great jam, there are plenty of other (arguably better) songs by ABBA. Listen to the full playlist here!


10. I Have a Dream – Voulez Vous




Makes me feel so pure and hopeful.


9. Knowing Me, Knowing You – Arrival




Perfect break up song. Perfect for a Flashmob. Just saying.


8. The Name of the Game – The Album




A real earworm. 9/10 Dentists recommend


7. My Love, My Life – Arrival




Gives me soooo many feels. Can’t even describe it.


6. Super Trouper – Super Trouper





This song is such a McFreaking bop.


5. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! – Voulez Vous  




If this Doesn’t get you up and dancing then you have no soul.


4. Angel Eyes – Voulez Vous




I have always wanted to flashmob a guy who’s a total player with his latest victim with this song.


3.  Chiquitita – Voulez-Vous




Perfect song for hanging out with your best gal pals.


2.  Lay All Your Love On Me – Super Trouper




Not only is this a total mood for anyone who get jealous easily, but also a BOP.


1. Eagle – Long Version – The Album



This song makes me want to put on a flowy dress and let my hair down and spin around in a large empty field during golden hour.


Happy listening!


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