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So, I was at a mock trial competition last weekend and am going to another competition this weekend. We are also hosting a competition next weekend, so what this means is I have not had a lazy Sunday to which I have grown accustomed for quite a while, and will not have one for a little while longer, so I am truly missing my lazy Sunday movie marathons. Since I am in a mood to make myself sad, here are my top ten lazy Sunday movies. 

  1. Harry Potter (all but the last) 
    1. The first six Harry Potter movies are just comfort at its finest. You can curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea and get lost in a world of magic and fantasy. Also, nothing can ever go wrong when Emma Watson is on the screen. 
  2. Beauty and the Beast 
    1. Either the animated or the live action works here. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. It is so much fun to sing along and watch a beautiful love story. This film also has one of the best villains and some of the greatest comic relief characters, but there is nothing too distressing in it, so it won’t make you cry if you’re exhausted at the end of your weekend. 
  3. Hercules
    1. Ok, I’ll admit, I’m rather obsessed with Hercules. Who doesn’t love singing along to “Zero to Hero” and watching Pain and Panic report for duty? I am absolutely in love with this movie and will tell you that if I could be any Disney movie character, Meg would be the one. THE SASS THE ONE LINERS this woman is my icon. 
  4. Picture Perfect 
    1. Is there anyone more capable of making a comfort movie than Jennifer Aniston? That’s enough said on that one. 
  5. Bridget Jones’ Diary 
    1. Quintessential British self deprecating humor always cures my homesick blues. So pair that with Hugh Grant, a cute love story and some marmite on toast and I’m set for a proper British lazy day. 
  6. 27 Dresses
    1. I love a good romcom, and this one is one of my all time favorites. Its sweet, comedic and genuine. The heartfelt love not only between the two romantic interests but also the family members and friends, not to mention the montages (I love a montage) always makes my day when I put it on. 
  7. The Princess Diaries 2 
    1. Listen, I love the first Princess Diaries movie, but need I say more than Chris Pine? A good enemies to lovers romance, a royal wedding and a happily ever after just keeps you happy and relaxed on your one day off. Watch it if you feel the need for the butterflies I get at the lake scene. 
  8. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days 
    1. Matthew McConaughey, That’s it that’s the tweet. We love him in this house but this sweet little romcom just passes you by if you just want to turn on the TV and relax. 
  9. Hitch 
    1. This is one of my favorite films of all time. Will Smith is so great in this and the story is beautiful. If you don’t watch it for the story, though, watch it for the beautiful New Yorkness of it all. It is one of the most New York movies and you can actually see where I used to go to school. Also, they eat in one of my favorite places. 
  10. Midnight in Paris 
    1. This isn’t just a favorite Sunday movie; this is my favorite movie, period. This Woody Allen flick is a film where nothing really happens, but you just walk away feeling magical. It just makes me happy from the opening credits scene (which is actually my favorite scene) to the final fade out. I cannot get enough and have been known to watch it multiple times a week. 

So there you have it, these are my top ten lazy Sunday movies. Please watch them and have a lovely lazy Sunday for me.

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