Sweatsuits: the No-Sweat Fashion for Zooming


Let’s talk about fashion. 

Usually, I am not really one to follow fashion trends as they make their way through the masses, but this time I think we’ve found a real hidden gem: matching sweatsuits

Now, I know the word “sweatsuit” can be cause for alarm (and maybe dig up some unfavorable fashion memories), but hear me out. 

With the current pandemic, most people are spending the majority of their time at home, especially college students. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to put on a pair of jeans and a sweater just to take them off after zooming. 

That’s where the matching sweatsuit comes into play. 

There’s just something about being comfortable AND put together that just makes my heart sing. I absolutely love the idea of a comfy crewneck paired with matching sweatpants. And because you’re sticking with one color/fabric/pattern, your sweat ensemble is now high fashion. 

Not to mention, there are so many personal touches that can be added to make the outfit your own. Lately, I have loved throwing on some gold jewelry and putting my hair back, I really feel like it just ties the entire ensemble together! Some other fun (and stunning) styling tips include throwing on a matching flannel or adding super cool patterned socks with a sick pair of shoes; New Balances are a personal fav right now! 

While sweatsuits may just be another trend that slowly makes its way out of the limelight, I personally will be rocking sweatsuits for the rest of time.