Roundtable: Is “Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween Movie or a Christmas Movie?

With Halloween right around the corner, your queue of spooky movies must be fully booked. But around this time of year, the age-old question tends to reappear: is the classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie, or a Christmas movie? Her Campus @ Geneseo correspondents weigh in.


Jessica Bansbach:


“It’s a Halloween movie. The bulk of the movie takes place in Halloween Town, even if the theming of the town revolves around Christmas for most of the plot. And with most of the characters being creepy-crawly townspeople? It’s obvious.”


Victoria Cooke:


“As the little girl on that one taco commercial once said, ‘Why can’t we have both?’ The fact that The Nightmare Before Christmas includes two holidays just means it’s seasonally appropriate more than once a year! That means you can force your friends and family to watch it with you twice in three months with good reason!”


Megan Kelly:


“I’d say it’s more of a Halloween movie than a Christmas movie. It was originally released around October, and I personally feel like it has a high spook factor. Plus, Disney World usually markets The Nightmare Before Christmas for its Halloween festival.”


Kayla Glennon:


“Halloween. I feel like this is one of those things that I don’t really have a strong opinion on though, so I’m not going to get mad if someone wants to watch it in December. I mean, I’ll watch a Christmas special of a tv show in June if I really want to. If you turn on The Nightmare Before Christmas on Valentine’s Day, I probably won’t blink an eye.”


Hannah Fahy:


“This is absolutely a Halloween movie! It has Jack Skellington, The Boogie Man and a whole cast of spooky folks! To be honest, I hate Christmas movies, but I love this movie. So isn’t that proof enough that it’s definitely a Halloween movie?”


Madeline Reichler:


“If “Christmas” is in the title it’s a Christmas movie and I’m not watching it.”



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