Round Table: The Worst Sickness We've Ever Got

Everyone gets sick. It’s a natural part of life; however, sometimes you get one weird illness.  We’re talking that time-you-almost-died illness. The I-had-to-stay-home-from-school-for-four-days sick.


Victoria Cooke


I once caught bacterial pneumonia from my dad, which was super not fun. My lungs were filled with fluid so when I walked I would run out of breath and felt like I was suffocating. The worst part was that one day my dad saw me brushing my teeth and asked why I was using his toothbrush. I WASN’T. HE had been using MY toothbrush and GAVE ME PNEUMONIA from it.  My dad pretty much only eats candy so his teeth are trash so it’s like, really gross.


Jessica Bansbach


One time I blacked out in the communal shower my freshman year and as I was going down to convulse against the dirty, dirty drain, I did not think “I need to call for help” or “I need to dial 9-11 on my phone” - I thought “Man, I really need my RA right now.” Guess all that training they make them do to be “personable” helps.


I never received medical attention, but my friend gave me a cup of M and Ms afterwards to make up for my experience eating moist tile, so all's well that ends well?


Sydney Julien 


I got Scarlet Fever in fourth grade. I was really into the Little House on the Prairie series as a child so really I just did it for the aesthetic. Scarlet fever was pretty rough. I was down for the count for several days and I vividly remember trying to sleep and overhearing my parents discuss whether I’d go deaf from it like my Dad’s great grandparents both did. In the grand scheme of things though, it wasn’t too bad. Due to the miracle of modern medicine I was prescribed amoxicillin and survived with my hearing in tact. It was honestly pretty fun to see everyone’s reactions upon returning to school and telling them that I had just survived a bout of scarlet fever. Made me feel like a badass. 


Megan Kelly


I got the swine flu when I was like 10, back when it was circulating. At the time, I didn’t know how serious the disease was, but all I remember was that I had a fever of about 104 degrees, and was constantly coughing and shaking. I also remember sitting in bed for three days and just watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon 24/7. I also got the flu AGAIN when I was 18 in my first year of college. I had a really high fever, and ridiculous amounts of tonsil stones (that’s why I’m getting them out this winter).



Stay healthy this semester! Healthier than us, hopefully...