Round Table: What Was Your Childhood Club Penguin/Webkinz/Neopets Username and Why?




Kids aren’t the best at naming things. So when they’re given the opportunity to choose a name to represent themselves online with, sometimes they make some incredibly weird choices. What names did the Her Campus correspondents use to guide their parentally-mandated browsing time with? Find out below!



Jessica Bansbach


I take personal offense to the previous paragraph because as a child, all I did was obsess over my screen names. When I played Pokemon, I’d spend hours agonizing over what to call my starter (look, maybe settling for “Surf Boy” to designate the water penguin is in line with the starting paragraph, but I was damn proud of it and I sure remember it to this day, which is more than I can say of my other starters!). I once cried myself to sleep because I tried calling my Webkinz chihuahua “Taco” and misspelled it as “Tacp”. But I think that the username I remember the most was my Neopet’s one, which I mentioned briefly in another article - “the_girl_at_the_gate.” I considered it oddly poetic, and in typical child fashion, a bunch of other people on the Neoboards (Neopets’ forums) agreed and would take time out of their day to PM me compliments about it. That’s a level of worship I’ve never achieved with any of my Instagram or Twitter handles!


Hannah Fahy


My Club Penguin username was “gjgyut.” How did I come up with this brilliant name? It was the original keyboard smash! My older cousin told me that that was the best way to come up with your username. I thought my older cousin was the coolest human being so of course I followed this advice! I no longer use this username, but I still have a lot of nostalgia for it!


Megan Kelly


I always ended up using the same username for most online sites, and that was “Clueless Dragon.” My reasoning for this was twofold. First, I liked dragons a lot, to the point where I cried when I learned that the Discovery Documentary Channel about them was fake and that dragons weren’t real. Second, even as a child I knew I wasn’t the brightest kid. I put the two together and got the username Clueless Dragon. Honestly, I still don’t have too much creativity, because that’s what I use for both my Twitter and Tumblr handles.


Kayla Glennon


My Club Penguin username was “Jamie67315.” I chose this because my parents told me that I couldn’t put my name on the internet or else some creepy 40-year-old man would come find me. But I think the more embarrassing username was the one I had when I was younger: “ouatloverkayla.” OUAT stands for Once Upon A Time, the fairytale TV show that went on the air in 2011. I was in middle school at that time, and I was obsessed with it. I used this username for Instagram, Snapchat, an email account…it was a lot. I have a lot to say about that show; stay tuned for future articles from me about it.


Victoria Cooke


My username for Neopets and Webkinz was “toriajayne6” because “torijayne6” was taken and my name is Victoria Jayne Cooke. I think it was my mom’s idea to use my real name, which is entirely against what most parents encourage when helping their kids learn internet safety. And I think I chose the number six because it’s my favorite number. I still sometimes use this username, so really it’s rather boring and I haven’t changed much since I was five, apparently.


Rebecca Hagan


My username for, which also made it the username for my Pixie Hollow account, was “MDove7997.” I was a big fan of the book that started the whole Disney Fairies line, Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg by Gail Carson Levine, so I thought it would be clever to have a username that referenced that book. There was a character in the books named Mother Dove so I thought MDove was a cool book reference. However, by the time Pixie Hollow opened the Tinkerbell films had started to come out and pretty much everyone forgot about the books, so the characters from them mostly fell into obscurity.


Nicole Callahan


Originally, my sister and I shared a Webkinz account. When I made the big-girl move to get my own account I went for a very cool person name “Fairy411.” I loved fairies and I had the 411 on them. Unfortunately, that was taken so I settled for “Fairy 4114.” Whatever, I guess. I’m not still mad about it.



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