Round Table: What did you do this Winter Break?

Although we have been in the midst of the pandemic for almost a year, this was the first winter break under COVID restrictions. So, what did our Her Campus at Geneseo members do with our month of no Zoom classes?


Nina Fichera

Most of my break was underwhelming, but I finished writing and posting my longest writing project ever. I actually started it back in 2018, but the winter break gave me the time I needed to finish editing. It totals at 160,593 words, and I can virtually guarantee that I will never write something as long as that again.


Margaux Carmel

This break was intended for me to relax and recover from the all-encompassing stress that was the fall semester. What it turned into was constantly being scheduled at work, applying to grad schools, being rejected from one of them and preparing for my huge senior capstone project that I’ve planned for my last semester at college. Here’s to hoping I was able to get enough sleep to regenerate enough energy for the spring semester!


Rebecca Willliamson 

I’m somewhat proud and a bit embarrassed to write that I did almost nothing during break. There was obviously some work I had to do, but I gave myself a lot of time to relax and de-stress. I did a lot of reading and binge-watching. I wish I had written more, but I needed to think through some plot points and characters before I dove back into my draft. Finally, I began my application for the Columbia Publishing Course, which I’m hoping will be good news. I have to submit the application first, though. Starting my last semester is bittersweet, but I’m ready to leave my mark on Geneseo.  


Emma Belica

I must say that this break wasn’t super relaxing. I ended up working two jobs and taking an Intersession course; however, I enjoyed doing it all very much. I like to stay busy. I wished I could have spent more time with my friends, but we didn’t get together very often so we could all stay safe. The time we did spend together was outside (in the freezing cold), masked up while watching the Bill’s games!


Kiersten Coates

Aside from my job at Chipotle, I spent most of my time working out, trying new recipes and planning out ideas for my lifestyle Instagram account. I got to celebrate my birthday at the beginning of January, spend three weeks with my boyfriend in the Hamptons and come back to surprise my younger sister for her birthday (all done with COVID precautions). Finally, I was able to interview a local Naturopathic Doctor and learn more about potential holistic health careers for my future after graduation. This break was a nice change to my usual Winter break that has never been longer than 10 days due to Swimming & Diving. I loved it!


Dara Scolnick

I got to spend time with my dad over break which was really nice. We started baking. We made adorable cakes that tasted delicious! It was so much fun. I also spent time with my best friend (we both had been tested and were negative), which was also a lot of fun. We did a photoshoot at the arboretum, went to the water and simply binge watched some TV together (i.e. Cobra Kai & Julie and the Phantoms!). I also video chatted my Genny friends, and it was so nice to catch up. So, my break was pretty great cause I spent it with some of my favorite people!


Let's hope this semester isn't too crazy!