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Round Table: What Crimes Would You Commit During The Purge

Even if you haven’t seen The Purge, you probably have at least heard of it. For those who may not know, The Purge is a film series that is centered on the premise that for one night, there are no laws. People can do whatever they want. 

So, Her Campus at Geneseo decided to think about what they would do during that one special day. 


Margaux Carmel

Hack into the student loan database and wipe everything clean. What are they gonna do? Tell me I can’t? It’s the freakin’ Purge!


Jenelle Piatt 

Let me loose in a record store and I’ll take every album I can carry. First grab would be the albums I need to complete my Fleetwood Mac collection. PSA, if anyone has Shrine '69 or Say You Will, please let me know.


Rebecca Williamson 

Like Janelle, my first thought was theft. I’d probably bag at least 100 books. Being able to take books means that I would be able to “buy” and test out all genres—young adult, contemporary, new adult, fantasy, classic, memoir and more! It just sucks that I’m running out of places to put them …


Emily Tsoi

I’m jumping on the theft train. I would take all of the stationery and craft supplies I could. Some of the stickers and pens I’ve been looking at are really expensive, so this would be the perfect opportunity to pick them up.


Emma Belica

So my ideal crime is tax evasion, but I think that’s too long-term for the Purge, so I’m also gonna go with theft. However, I will be stealing from Big Pharma to redistribute medical supplies. 


Mira Jaeger

I see your tax evasion, and I raise … tax persecution. I recruit a team to hack into the bank accounts of the billionaires on Forbes’ list, steal the wealth they gained via exploitation, and distribute it where it’s needed. Like in Robin Hood.


Lucy Laats

I would steal from high-end clothing boutiques and redistribute it to as many thrift shops as I could. I’d take some things for myself, too, of course. 


Julia Clancy

I understand the appeal of theft, I really do. And while there are lots of retailers that I definitely would love to “borrow” from, I can’t shake the desire of wanting to egg a building. What kind of building? I’m not really sure. As long as I can cover it in yoke and broken eggshells, I’m in. 



What crime would you commit?