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Madison Centeno:

Halloween can be spooky for a lot of reasons. If you plan on going out there are some basics to make sure you stay safe. First off, the buddy system is sooo important. Go in a group and leave in a group. Secondly, bring your own closed cups. Those Starbucks tumbler cups are perfect for going out and staying safe. Lastly, keep your phone on you. If you have an iPhone most of them have the function where if you click the on/off button a few times it automatically calls the police and sends them your location so if you are in immediate danger, that’s a great tool. 

Mia Serritella: 

While this should be a basic precaution, what’s truly scary this season is how often people treat locking their doors as something that’s optional. I don’t care if you think you’ll be too drunk to remember your key or code, figure out a system that will work for you. Too many instances of home invasions have happened this year for there to be an argument otherwise. 

Nina Fichera:

If you plan on being outside while it’s dark (ideally in a group of people), bring a flashlight or use the flashlight on your phone! I always aim mine at my feet so cars will see that I’m there without me accidentally blinding the driver.

Madison Centeno is a freshman sociology major, who plans on double majoring in women's studies. When she isn't at protests or actively fighting for human rights, she is in her room studying or reading! She loves to write and share information about social injustices occurring worldwide. Follow her on Instagram @madisonrue190 to get to know her more!
Mia is a communication major and cognitive science minor at SUNY Geneseo. When she is not chained to her schoolwork she enjoys embroidering the mouse from Bear in the Big Blue House, playing the same three songs on the guitar, and prototyping inventions that don't see the outside of her room.
Nina Fichera

Geneseo '24

Nina Fichera is an avid writer and reader, and can often be found writing somewhere (usually in her room) with her trusty journal. She is working towards an English degree, with the hopes of becoming a Creative Writing professor.
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