Round Table: Our Top Sad Girl Hour Songs



We all have those songs that make us want to bawl our eyes out and eat tubs of ice cream. Her campus at Geneseo decided to explore those songs for ‘cathartic’ reasons.



Sydney Julien

Last year I was absolutely devastated when I got a B on an exam in a class I had been working so hard to maintain an A in all semester. So, I did what anyone would do and went to Denny’s and softly cried while staring out the window and listening to “When All Is Said And Done” by ABBA. Like every other zillenial I’ve also gotten sad to “Somebody Else” by the 1975 many times. The entire “Born To Die” album by Lana Del Rey has also been a repeating sad girl mood since high school. 


Margaux Carmel

As a True Emo(tional) Gay Zillenial, I listen to the entire repertoire of Twenty One Pilots on repeat. It is particularly effective when I walk around campus at 3 a.m. and shout the lyrics out loud. It’s pretty much how I release my inner angst when it’s finals week and I’m frustrated with my entire life. 


Rebecca Williamson

It’s hard to pinpoint just one song that really gets me going. I also never really feel the need to listen to sad music. I have a playlist of I called Fight Songs, and while some are sad, they’re more meant to pick me back up, not make me cry. A song that’s almost made me cry is “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors. I also go nuts for “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. Maybe some Dear Evan Hansen can also get me, specifically “You will be Found.” However, I cannot think of any song that I’ve felt the need to ball my eyes out listening to.


Nicole Callahan

“Bite the Hand” by Boygenius. Let me set the scene: you’re sitting on your bed in your room, alone, undone work strewn around you. It’s the dark part of autumn when you feel the dreary cold in your bones, but there’s no snow on the ground. You’re surrounded by the concept of intimacy, but lack it. There might be people who have been in love with you, but you’re not in love. You feel a noted absence of butterflies in your stomach, and it’s that absence you need to fill. So you untangle your headphones and listen to the women of Boygenius


“Here's the best part, distilled for you / But you want what I can't give to you / Your hands are grabbing while my hands are tied.” 


You yearn, but you don’t reach. 


Jessica Bansbach

You ever wear your headphones and stare longingly at your soon-to-be girlfriend who you have no idea is your soon-to-be girlfriend while “Kissaphobic” blares in your ears and they wonder why the hell you’ve been playing Make Out Monday on loop for, like, an hour?





We promise that we’re all okay.