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Lauren McCormick

Postman Pat was a total childhood favorite. I used to watch Pat and his cat in my sitting room for hours with a pot of chocolate buttons. This is a very British moment but one of my earliest memories is watching that show in the sitting room when I was a really young girl. It’s one of my fondest memories of being in England and makes me miss my old house and my days living right down the road from my family! I love and miss those days and that show and it’s got me wanting to email my grandmother asking for a bucket of chocolate buttons! 

Lily Connerton

If your favorite childhood show wasn’t Arthur, you missed out. I never had cable TV growing up, so I mostly watched a combination of PBS Kids and Disney movies on the family VCR player. Still, every day when I came home from elementary school, my first destination was the living room, parked in front of the television set to watch all my favorite kids shows – Cyberspace, Arthur, The Electric Company – all airing conveniently right after school got out. Nothing beats after school PBS Kids (especially if Arthur is on)!

Nina Fichera

Strawberry Shortcake has a special place in my heart. My sisters and I still sometimes break out our DVDs to watch just for a fun day reminiscing, and I even wrote an entire six-page essay – complete with comparison images, charts and statistics – about why the 2003 version is better than Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures. Maybe I’ll dust it off and upload it here one day!

Taylor Bramhall

As a little girl, I used to absolutely love Barney. That purple dinosaur had a special place in my heart – so much so, that my parents used to sing me the “I Love You, You Love Me” song every night before bed. My grandmother even had some of the Christmas specials on VHS tapes, and when it wasn’t on TV, she and I would sit and watch them together. Those messages of love and kindness stay with me even now!

Olivia De Stio

Growing up, The Powerpuff Girls were my all time favorite show as a kid. I mostly grew up watching Cartoon Network and The Powerpuff Girls were usually on when I got home from school. I liked watching groups of girls fighting crime and it was also funny. My friends and I have watched reruns for old times sake and I have gotten compared to Bubbles a few times. I honestly just liked watching cartoon characters I could relate to fighting crime and saving the day. 

Madison Centeno

Max and Ruby was the superior show to watch as a kid. That is one of the shows that if someone came into the room and changed it I would be so mad. Max and Ruby was just iconic and as the younger sibling, I related to Max and his chaos. As someone with an older sister, I know whats it’s like to have to rely on your sister to keep you out of trouble especially when all you want to do is make a mess and have fun. Even if you are an adult, I highly recommend watching Max and Ruby for some grade-A comedy and fun. 

Jessica Marinaro

As a kid, mine and my sisters’ favorite show was Phineas and Ferb. We loved the predictability of it, and the crazy inventions they came up with always peaked our interest. Looking back I love how wholesome and humorous the show was. I also really love the way it encouraged us to dream big and pursue them.

SUNY Geneseo class of 25 Horseback rider Mock Trial member Avid Reader Bake off and Gilmore Girls addict
Lily is a sophomore at SUNY Geneseo studying neuroscience with intentions of progressing on to medical school. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, hiking, and trying new coffee shops.
Studying to be an English teacher at SUNY Geneseo, Taylor is a romantic at heart with a love for the arts, vintage fashion, reading, and writing poetry. ♡ Follow her on Instagram: @tay.bramhall
Olivia is a Communication major at SUNY Geneseo. When she is not in class she is often reading, photography, and going on a hike.
Madison Centeno is a freshman sociology major, who plans on double majoring in women's studies. When she isn't at protests or actively fighting for human rights, she is in her room studying or reading! She loves to write and share information about social injustices occurring worldwide. Follow her on Instagram @madisonrue190 to get to know her more!
Jess Marinaro

Geneseo '24

Jess is a sophomore at SUNY Geneseo working on her English Creative Writing degree. In her free time, she loves yoga, meditation, reading, and matcha lattes. She has lots of thoughts, and writing about them is her favorite thing to do by far.
Nina Fichera

Geneseo '24

Nina Fichera is an avid writer and reader, and can often be found writing somewhere (usually in her room) with her trusty journal. She is working towards an English degree, with the hopes of becoming a Creative Writing professor.
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