Round Table: On Our Dreams


Dreams are an interesting occurrence. While not everyone has dreams or even remembers them, sometimes, a dream can really shake you. These are the dreams that Her Campus at Geneseomembers can’t forget.


Sydney Julien 

I had a dream last year that I joined a hippie commune and we moved to Saturn (yes the planet) to live in tents and listen to jazz music together. I still don’t quite understand what it means. I had another dream a few months ago that my friend and I were riding through the Alps on a bus together when the bus flipped. We were pretty shocked when everyone on the bus was able to stand right up and brush themselves off. Suddenly, someone herded us all through a small path in the woods, and we were led down the stairs into the basement of a rustic mountain lodge and told to sit down. There was a projector screen where we were shown a brief powerpoint explaining that we had all just died and gave us some ground rules about the afterlife. I understand that this is vaguely the plot to Beetlejuice, but I guess my brain used up all its creativity when it produced that bizarre Saturn dream.  


Rebecca Williamson

I still remember a dream from kindergarten about me being forced into a marriage that I didn’t want to be in. I don’t know how that happened or why that happened, but it’s definitely amusing now. Aside from that, I usually can’t remember any of my dreams, but recently, I had a dream about Harry Styles. I was interviewing him for an article for The Lamron, which makes no sense because he would never come to Geneseo. I wish he would, though. Anyway, we could not find a private spot to have the interview because people kept bothering him, so we kept moving to different spots on campus. For some odd reason, one of my best friends from home was there too and she was excited to meet him. That’s all I woke up remembering. If only that dream were real … 


Kayla Glennon

I have a lot of stress dreams about being late to things, mostly involving a certain time that I’m supposed to be somewhere but then magically it’s past that time without me realizing it. I don’t get those as much now that I’m taking anxiety medication. Anyway, a better story to tell would be when I had a dream that I was in a house that I’ve never seen before. I think I was alone at first, then there were a few people that were my “friends” (people that I accepted as allies in the dream, but didn’t recognize as people from my life) in the room with me. We heard a noise coming from across the room in the bathroom and were scared that it was some sort of intruder. The dream devolved into being a chase. My group ran away from a group of about three girls until we ended up being cornered in the family room of my real life house. We were all tangled up on a couch and 


Jess Rivera

I have a lot of weird dreams when I’m just having a good few weeks. One of mine with an actual storyline rather than a scene was some scenery where the Geneseo had fallen into some sort of authoritarian state. It was definitely something that had the dry red, apocalyptic western filter when I look back, but it was a mess of everything I hated about high school with a high police presence and whatever master thesis of everything wrong with Geneseo meshed in. There was just a lot of walking, but it makes the dream confusing since I enjoy walking, and I didn’t know if it was a nightmare or not. I have my share of shady figures that venture in, too. I guess I don’t have a riveting story about my dreams, but I definitely sit for a bit and treat my dreams like little simulations and thought exercises to help me out in my everyday life.


Emily Tsoi

One of the oldest dreams I remember having must have been from when I was like 5 or 6 and I was being chased around my basement by these outdoor Christmas figurines we have at home and they were trying to murder me. Then, I also remember one where I had to marry my cousin’s boyfriend at the time because he threatened to kill our whole family because she broke up with him. I guess it was the only way to save us all? It was really weird. After we got married, I just went to the Mets game and left him there at the reception like nothing happened.


What have you been dreaming about?