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We all have them.

Nina Fichera

As you may know, I have many controversial food opinions. Some of my more normative ones are as follows: Oreos aren’t actually good. Mustard is disgusting. I don’t put dressing on my salads. Hawaiian pizza is great. Marshmallows are mid. Strawberry cream cheese and veggie cream cheese are the only cream cheeses I will eat. All leftovers can go in scrambled eggs and be good as a breakfast. Hot pockets are actually good. Peanut butter and honey is better than peanut butter and jelly. Cabbage is actually not bad. Spinach and tofu in pasta is amazing. Bacon is too greasy. The top part of a cupcake/muffin is better than the bottom. I don’t like cold brew coffee. Apple grape juice is the best fruit juice. Apple grape juice is also great with hot pockets.

Jessica Marinaro

Ketchup is the worst condiment, it is disgusting. 

Crunchy peanut butter is better than smooth (someone had to say it).

It’s pop, not soda.

Pepper jelly and cream cheese together = the best bagel topping.

Lauren Davies

Steak is best when cooked well done. Zero pink should be seen. 

Pickles are so gross.

If you eat mayo I don’t respect you.

I don’t put dressing on my salads. 

Dr Pepper is also gross. 

I prefer butter on bagels instead of cream cheese. 

Kombucha slays. 

Creamy peanut butter is superior (fight me, Jess). 

Madison Dedrick 

Egg noodles with ketchup. 

Pineapple on pizza.

Cream cheese and hot Cheetos.

Put a little bit of salt on watermelon.

Nina Fichera

Geneseo '24

Nina Fichera is an avid writer and reader, and can often be found writing somewhere (usually in her room) with her trusty journal. She is working towards an English degree, with the hopes of becoming an English teacher.
Lauren Davies

Geneseo '25

Lauren is a sophomore at Geneseo, and she is an Adolescent Education for English major. Lauren likes to spend her time shopping, reading, and drinking coffee. She also has a dog named Stewart and a cat named Derrick who are the light of her life.
Hi everyone! I am super interested in pretty much anything and love reading a lot of different ideas. So excited to read more and more from female writers (of course equally female empowerment.) So excited to be a part of this together =!
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