Round Table: Old Computer Games We Used to Love

Do you know that one computer game that everyone was obsessed with when you were younger? Or maybe it was just a game you found, enjoyed and kept all to yourself? We were discussing these computer games and felt that we needed to share the games that defined our childhood!


Rebecca Williamson:


I remember playing some computer games off of websites, but aside from Webkinz—which I used to love—the game I was obsessed with was Sims. I had the old Sims 2 disc that needed to be put into the computer to play. I remember sitting at my desk blasting the very first One Direction album through my headphones while designing my own world. My sims were generally based off of me and my celebrity crushes at the time. I tried to make my Mom buy every expansion pack out there like Sims 2: Pets, Sims 2: University and many more. Maybe it’s time to break out the old disc and start fresh.


Victoria Cooke:


When I was a kid I was pretty much the target demographic for “girly games.” I did not nor have I ever had any interest in actual videogames; my sole purpose has always been to play virtual makeover flash games (and other relatedly pointless girly games). Some highlights included Barbie Babysits Baby Krissy, MyScene Beauty Studio (my God, I used to have dozens of my makeover creations printed out and hung on my bedroom walls), Bratz Fishtank and Polly Pocket Wacky Wardrobe.


Hannah Fahy:


Bring. Back. Club. Penguin.


Sydney Julien:


I was also pretty much what game creators had in mind when they thought “girly games.”  I really loved all the MyScene makeover games. I also really loved “pixie hollow” with all the disney fairies on it. That game was so much fun and I’m sad it’s gone (I went back and checked). I would also play the Disney channel games—the Lilo and Stitch Sandwich Stacker game was a notable fave. I was also such a freaking Webkinz kid. I went back to see if I could still get into my account and it wasn’t there. Seriously considering buying another Webkinz …


Jessica Bansbach:


Everyday I re-live the pain of my mother nuking my Neopets account because I spent too much time on the forums.


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