Round Table: Moments in College when you just Stopped Caring

College is incredibly difficult as I’m sure everyone reading this knows. We have all had moments when for the sake of our comfort, convenience or sanity we need to look a little weird. Here is what our correspondents have to say about moments they broke the normal conventions of society on this campus because they simply stopped caring.


Sydney Julien

I was inspired to start this round table after bringing a bag of cold pancakes to the library. I’m feeling pretty good today which is allowing me to be really productive and work on more long term things. I don’t want to interrupt this excellent flow that I’m in, I don’t feel like cooking and I have a bag of pancakes in my refrigerator. The next step should seem obvious. Is eating cold pancakes with my hands weird? Who’s to say? Earlier in the semester when I had a particularly busy week, I left my house daily with my usual travel mug of coffee and a ration of backup coffee in a metal water bottle. I carried around a regular old mug with me to pour the coffee into and drank it in class. Upon pouring myself a mug of coffee in class my friend exclaimed, “wow, you’re too much” as if I didn’t already know that. One time after pulling an all nighter freshman year I carried a fuzzy blanket around with me for all my classes. I got weird looks and judgement for all these things, but at the end of the day I wasn’t hurting anyone, and I was making myself feel better. 


Jessica Bansbach

I ordered a post-final torta from Fusion in a daze and watched as a beetle the size of my forefinger crawled in and out of the swiss cheese. I asked for extra swiss cheese. 


Nicole Callahan

I find it hard to think about when I didn’t care. I normally continue to care even when I stop trying. My rock bottom was probably drinking two 5-hour-energies during the course of 36 hours in the place of sleep. 


Margaux Carmel

I was in my first of three consecutive classes on the longest day of the week of my life—Wednesdays. On top of this? The worst period cramps of my life. All of a sudden, my ancient professor says something really problematic and misguided about the Native American population succeeding outside of their reservations (I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it). I walk to my next class which is unfortunately with the same professor. I decided, ‘screw it, I didn’t do the reading, my uterus is ripping itself out of my body, and my professor is a jerk. I’m going home.’ And then … I did. I went home. I ran into a friend from class recently and apparently the professor joked about how I wasn’t there. I have my response planned for the next class when he, a white cis-straight man of 1000 years of age,  asks me why I skipped: “I had the worst period of my life and so I went home.” I am already imagining the look on his face where he sputters and doesn’t know what to say in response.


Sometimes, we all just need a break.