Round Table: Her Campus Writers as Charlie Brown Characters

Who doesn’t love nostalgia? We absolutely love it! The subject of Charlie Brown came up at our latest brainstorming session, and we felt so much nostalgia. We realized that each of us is pretty similar to a different character from the iconic Charlie Brown comics and movies, so here is the Her Campus at Geneseo writers as Charlie Brown characters!


Hannah Fahy

I’m Sally. I’ve always wanted to be Sally in the musical You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown because “My New Philosophy” is the best song in that show. Sally is adorable and a little annoying, and I really relate to that. 


Kayla Glennon

I wanna be Peppermint Patty. I saw the word “tomboy” and knew I had to stick with it. I was also overly athletic as a child for absolutely no reason. 


Nicole Callahan

As I was thinking through the pantheon of Charlie Brown characters I was left unsatisfied with my connection to any one person … Until I remembered the non-human options. I would definitely be Snoopy. He has a near infinite ability for imagination-based play, he expresses joy through terrible dancing and spends a huge chunk of his time sleeping. I kin. 


Margaux Carmel

I’m Shroeder, to be honest. For a couple simple reasons: we both play instruments (Shroeder the piano, I the French horn) and we are both kind of understated characters in our own lives. That was kind of emo but, like, it’s a mood.


Victoria Cooke

I'm most definitely Lucy.  She's a boss bitch and so am I.  And I also find Charlie Brown annoying.  Get over it, loser.


We hope you enjoyed our best guesses as who we would be! What Charlie Brown character would you be?