Round Table: Good Memories of 2020

We all know that this year has been stressful. So, our correspondents decided to recap some of their favorite memories from this year. 


Lily Connerton

2020 was inarguably a hard year for me (and most other people). With so much going on in the world that was out of my control, it was often hard to take a step back and be thankful for the positive aspects of my life. Regardless, I am still finishing off this year with lots of great new memories, even though some of them might be moments that right now seem too small to be significant. My favorite part of this year was a camping trip my family and I took at the close of the summer near the Salmon River Reservoir. We loaded up backpacks with everything we needed and spent a few days enjoying a much needed break from civilization. This was especially significant because it was one of the few moments in 2020 that I was able to completely forget about the current pandemic and fully focus on the company of a few of my favorite people.


Mia Serritella

I feel comforted by the fact that as I sit here trying to think of a good memory to write about, quite a few come to mind. But the one that stands out the most is the experience that feels once-in-a-lifetime: me and my friend laying down on the roof of her car with un-blinking, wide eyes staring at the sky, and an awe-inspiring amount of stars and shooting stars staring back at us at 1 a.m. in Letchworth State Park. It was so remarkable I felt somewhat scared seeing just a fraction more of what has unknowingly been above me my entire life. I can’t look at the night sky anymore without wishing I could see what I saw that night. So for wanting with all of my being to leave 2020 behind me, that is the one memory I am so eager to take with me. 


Rebecca Williamson

2020 was a blur of completing school work, reading books and binge-watching TV and movies due to the pandemic. I know I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with friends and family, specifically my family's annual Fourth of July barbeque because we were within the COVID-safe numbers and everyone was extra cautious beforehand (we followed the rules, I promise). I’m also thankful for Her Campus at Geneseo. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we were named an Elite Level Chapter. That’s the top five percent of all chapters! One of my favorite things, however, was making trips to New York City. Both trips were made before the pandemic hit. One trip was for my best friend’s 21st birthday, and we did a whole bunch of touristy things, such as travel to the top of the Empire State Building and roam around The Met. The second time was with two of my best college friends. We just walked all over the city, hitting up Chinatown and walking a part of the High Line. As a Long Islander who hopes to live in the city one day, any time I get to take a day trip will always be a favorite memory.


Ally Schultz

2020 was rough; it was the kind of rough where when you look back on it, you’re amazed that you went through all of it. But hey, we’ve made it through this year and we’ll make it through the next. The best memory I have for the year happened in the middle of August. I saw a news article about the Perseid Meteor Showers the day they were supposed to be visible. If there’s anything to know about me, it’s that I love the sky, so a meteor shower was right up my alley. I checked the weather and it said the sky would be clear for the rest of the night. So, 10 minutes before midnight, I grabbed a blanket and laid down on my driveway with my dog by my side. Soon enough, I saw meteors shoot across the sky amid all of the constellations. I didn’t try to take pictures, nor did I play any music. I just sat and looked at the sky, surrounded by comforting silence. It's quite possibly one of the best memories I have.   


Let’s hope 2021 is a good year!