Round table: First Period


Our periods are yet another right of passage for females or female-identifying people. The first time is always awkward, especially if you don’t know what is happening or are in public. Talking about a woman’s time of the month is often considered taboo, and it can be kind of embarrassing. 


However, periods happen, and Her Campus at Geneseo correspondents wanted to break the stigma for you all!


Sydney Julien

I turned 13 the week before. I didn’t know what it was so I asked my mom. She told me it was my period. I cried. When the dust settled, I felt very grown up and womanly though. 


Margaux Carmel

My first two periods both graced me during gym, and being somewhere around 11 or 12, I didn’t have a pad on me to save the day. The process of going up to the gym teacher to say, “I just got my period, what do I do?” was a bit traumatic, but thankfully we had two teachers, and one of them was a woman.


Nicole Callahan

I do not remember how old I was, but the morning I got my first period was a Sunday and we had gotten a box of donuts. I went into the kitchen and was very hungry so I ate several donuts. Shortly after that feast I felt a real stomach pain, but I thought it was God punishing me for my gluttony. For several hours I rolled around in my bed, regretting my choices. When I had to pee, I got up and was surprised—God was punishing me after all, but it was for the sins of the first woman Eve and her lust for knowledge. Damnit. 


Rebecca Williamson

I was lucky. I was around 11 and I was home for a school break. It was really early in the morning because my parents were getting ready for work. My mom helped me out, and I watched TV all day. 


Thanks, mother nature.