Round Table: The Best IPhone Games (Sorry Android, You’re Not Welcome Here)

We all get bored. Waiting in line. Waiting for our food. Waiting for a friend. What do we do? Turn to our phones! What do we do on these phones? Play various games that are sometimes way too corny for their own good! 


We at Her Campus Geneseo decided to list our favorite IPhone games. 


Side Note: There is no hate toward Androids, we just prefer Apple!


Rebecca Hagan

Two games that I am currently addicted to and recommend to others is Love Nikki and Kawaii Kitchen. 


Love Nikki is a game that on the surface just seems like a regular dress up game, but it also has a story (that I ignore) and levels in which you battle people in dress-up competitions. It's really addicting and I’ve been playing it for months at a time for the past year or so. Also, the clothes that you collect are very pretty.


Kawaii Kitchen is adorable. You play as these cute animal chefs serving other cute animals adorable foods. You also can unlock outfits that you can have your animal chefs wear. It's very easy but very cute.


Hannah Fahy

Candy Crush is the only game you should have on your phone. I’m on level 1390, so get on my level.


Margaux Carmel

The hot tea is … I don’t have an iPhone *shrug.*


Victoria Cooke

I play one of those Tetris-like games where you place different block configurations in a grid until you fill a line and it disappears. When you can’t fit anymore blocks you lose. There’s no point or end of this game and absolutely no way to win. I call it “squares.”  I think my love for these kinds of games represents my interest in repetitive and useless hobbies.


So, if you have an IPhone and you're bored, try out some of our favorite games!