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Yes this is my fourth K-pop article in a row. No I’m not sorry. Yes there will be more in the future.

15- Banana Allergy Monkey

Not gonna lie, I included this because I didn’t want to put any of the other songs in the last slot. This is also the only of their songs that I genuinely dislike. Nothing against the Banhana subunit—Hyojung, Yubin and Arin are really good and their voices work well together, as evidenced by the Clean with Passion for Now OST “Sweet Heart.” To paraphrase Quinton Reviews and his video essays on Victorious, Oh My Girl has many songs and this is one of them.

14- Coloring Book

Listen. Listen. “Coloring Book” is a good song. It was the first title song released since JinE left the group in 2016. It’s fun and the music video is very colorful. Just because this is at the bottom of my list does not mean it’s not a good song. It’s just … I keep forgetting it’s a title song.


I’m gonna partially blame YouTube’s algorithm on this. I listen to the mixes a lot for more variety than my “Best Of” playlist gives, and those play a lot of Oh My Girl for me. Even though I hear virtually every other Oh My Girl title song, I almost never hear “Coloring Book” unless it comes on my Pandora station. So yes. It’s a bit forgettable for me. Still a very enjoyable song, though.

13- Secret Garden

“Secret Garden” has a very calming feeling about it, which compared to a lot of high-energy title tracks can be very refreshing. That being said, while I appreciate the serenity, I have to say that it became a little boring after several listens? It’s on my “Best Of” playlist, but I only listen to it when I’m in a specific mood. The same can be said about “The Fifth Season (SSFWL)” later down, but that doesn’t make either of these a bad song in any world. They’re both still very enjoyable, I just need to listen to them less often to enjoy them better.

12- Windy Day

“Windy Day,” while catchy and eye-catching thanks to the difficult choreography, had a controversy when it was released for South Asian influences in the track. Netizens accused the group of cultural appropriation for this during promotions, but the song is still fairly popular and other groups like TWICE have even covered it during concerts.

11- Closer

As Oh My Girl’s first comeback after debut, “Closer” is an amazing song that I’m a little surprised didn’t do better on the charts when it came out. I do like this one better than “Secret Garden,” mostly because of Mimi’s rap at the end (that I still haven’t nailed) and the intensity of it. Plus, the choreography is fantastic, and I probably sound like a broken record since I say this like once an article, but I want to learn it. Additionally, a fun fact is that “Closer” was actually originally a praise song! You learn something new every day.

10- Real Love

Oh My Girl’s most recent comeback, “Real Love” is certainly good, though it was a bit unexpected in my eyes. It’s a bit slower and more lowkey than I thought it would be, but that’s not really a bad thing. I do really love the key change at the end, despite the song ending a little abruptly soon after. I think this song is eventually going to grow on me more, but it’s really good as a baseline.

9- Eternally

I thought I would add “Eternally” here as one of Oh My Girl’s first original Japanese songs, rather than a Japanese version of a Korean song. It’s definitely underrated, and I always love it when it comes on my Pandora station. While it’s the title track of the third Japanese album, it’s the only Japanese title track that’s an original. The whole album it’s on reminds me of winter in a way, especially this track, which is a contrast from a lot of the more spring and summer vibes many of Oh My Girl’s other songs give off. I highly recommend giving this a listen.

8- The Fifth Season (SSFWL)

Oh My Girl being the concept queens they are, they nail becoming ethereal princesses in “The Fifth Season (SSFWL).” Like “Secret Garden” and “Closer,” it’s a slower sort of title song, though the serenity of the other two is better paired with a kind of quiet intensity in the bridge that’s much appreciated. I will say, I put this further down the list than I thought I would, partially because of the two performances of it from Girls Planet 999, which I actually didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would. It’s a difficult song to perform.

7- Liar Liar

This song is literally so catchy, it gets stuck in my head every time I listen to it. It’s impossible for me to not sing along, or at least pay attention when I listen. Mimi’s rap in this song is especially awesome, and I’m so close to being able to rap along with her. This song reminds me of the bright colors used in the two music videos, an association that just makes me like the song even more. It’s a really bright and bouncy song for one talking about liars, haha.

6- Listen to My Word (A-ing)

“Listen to my Word (A-ing)” is one of two (I think) songs that Oh My Girl has done a remake of, with the original being released in 2000 by short-lived girl group Papaya. While I’m a fan of both versions of the song, the addition of a rap verse and collaboration with Skull & Haha (Hashishi from DENPAGIRL in the Japanese version) solidified this song as one of my favorites. It’s a great song for the summer, and one I want to learn the dance to one day. Which, yes, I say about a lot of songs.

5- Dun Dun Dance

This song absolutely nails the summer vibes in a way that only one other song by Oh My Girl surpasses, as you’ll see in a moment. It’s also the first comeback I experienced all the way through, from teasers through promotions. It’s always fun and always makes me want to get up and dance, and that actually infected my family as well, despite them not liking K-pop. It definitely deserves a spot in the top five.

4- Bungee (Fall in Love)

Now THIS song has the best summer vibes. I mean, just listen to it! I think it’s one of those songs that I could listen to on repeat for over an hour and not get bored of it. I know the Japanese version of this song pretty well, too, though I don’t have it fully memorized yet. There are always a lot of thoughts in my head about this song but I can never fully express them in words. Just know that they’re there.

3- Cupid

Of all the debut songs I’ve listened to in my two-ish years of being a K-pop fan, “Cupid” has always been one of my favorites and I actually did learn the choreography to this one! It’s really well-coordinated and has a creative rap along with everything else to love about the song. It’s always reminded me of a marching band because of the beat in the background, and of course I’m a sucker for love songs. It’s definitely one of my top three title songs for Oh My Girl.

2- Nonstop

This is the song that started it all for me. I’ve told the story multiple times in my articles, but it was because gifsets of this music video were trending on Tumblr that I found Oh My Girl and was sucked into the world of K-pop. Quite literally, if it hadn’t been for this song, I wouldn’t have listened to K-pop, likely ever. It’s fun, catchy and has a great music video and fun dance that I swear I’m gonna learn at some point. Definitely deserving of the second-place spot.

1- Remember Me

“Remember Me” has to be one of my favorite Oh My Girl songs ever. It’s the most fun to sing and rap along to, and I know both the Korean and Japanese versions by heart. I even tried learning how to play this one on piano! The vibes I get from this song are always immaculate, and every time it comes on I drop everything to sing along. I really don’t think there’s anything better than the bass in the background paired with the always incredible vocals. The stages for this are amazing, too, and I live for the one moment in the choreography with Mimi and Jiho’s high-five.

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