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Ranking Even More Notes in my Notes App

Here we are, back at it for a third installment of “What’s in my Notes app?” This highly anticipated “threequel” directed by Steven Spielberg features untold blurbs that I’ve hastily jotted down in my app to remember for later (or for this article). Not to mention new characters and mysteries—what will happen to the egg? 

6. “I want to dedicate something on a bench”

At Letchworth State Park, there’s a bench at Wolf Creek with a dedicated donation that gently asks “Just a Minute.” I am the kind of person where if I see a dedication on a bench, I have to go up and read it; they are kind reminders of who has been there before and what they wish for you to part ways with. 

5. “pokemon chess board”

This is very straightforward in concept, but the amount of time it would take … I can’t even imagine the effort. I tried earlier this year to make a 3D chessboard that was nighttime themed and it was a nightmare that I ended up discarding. 

4. “call dad dimple”

A lot of things look like my dad—thumbs, the heads of coins and royal purple. And now dimples has been added to the list, which would also be fun to catch him off guard and call him “dimple.” Doesn’t that make so much sense now? 

3. “goddard, goose”

After the tragic, public, passing of my childhood dog, my family is recently teasing the idea of us adopting another shortly. With that comes the brainstorming process for names. So far, these are the two titans of contenders that I’ve come up with—the name of Jimmy Neutron’s robot dog and the name of an animal to name another animal. Sweet. 

2. “take care of egg behind oven”

Funny story: once when I was making breakfast I cracked my egg on the countertop, as one does, and I guess I applied too much force because the entire egg opened up and—with just my luck—the egg slipped down in between my kitchen cabinet and oven. And … I keep forgetting about it. I mean, I did spray a bunch of bleach and disinfectant in the crack where the egg lay because at the time I did not have enough time to try and devise a way to retrieve it. And there has yet to be any odor or insects coming from that area … so I think it’s fine. But yes, at some point, I will have to investigate. Someday. 

1. “how do you get good” 

I really don’t know, Past Mia. I really do not know. 

Oh baby, that was the threequel! On my way back to hiatus, maybe the fans could dare hope for a “fourquel.” Hope in the next possible installment there will be an update on the egg. 

Mia is a communication major and cognitive science minor at SUNY Geneseo. When she is not chained to her schoolwork she enjoys embroidering the mouse from Bear in the Big Blue House, playing the same three songs on the guitar, and prototyping inventions that don't see the outside of her room.
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