My Opinions on My Roommates’ Zodiac Signs

Anyone that’s into astrology has an addiction to giving their opinions on other people’s signs­­—whether informed or not. And between you and me, I would hardly call myself informed. Though that didn’t stop me from asking for my roommates’ birth charts so I could look at their charts and pick them apart right in front of them. So, here are my (again, very unprofessional and superficial) opinions on my roommates’ signs!


Two quick notes: I will only be looking at people’s sun, moon, rising, Mars, Mercury and Venus placements as the rest are generational (they’d just all be the same). Also, for fairness’ sake I should tell you my own big five, just so you can get a sense of what kind of person is giving these opinions. I am a Capricorn sun, Gemini moon, Aquarius rising, Pisces Mars, Sagittarius Venus and Capricorn Mercury. Yes, my curiosity and obsession with fulfilling that curiosity are eating me alive.




Cancer sun: Cancer and Capricorns are sister signs, meaning they’re opposites in the zodiac and share qualities while also balancing each other out. Subsequently, I can’t help but feel a little biased when I talk about Cancers (as if this entire article isn’t deeply rooted in my own subjectivity). Both signs are careful in nature, as we’re both homebodies that are afraid to leave our apartment in a Covid-19 world. Though we do differ, for example her Cancer-ness has taught me a lot of new vocabulary, like “sweetie-pie,” “yummy” and “tiny baby.”


Pisces moon: Pisces are so hit or miss with me; I love their craziness but also their emotional instability really sends me through a loop. But because it’s in her moon and I have a Gemini moon this emotional illness is shared between us. Fun!


Sagittarius rising: I think her rising mainly comes into play when she’s working on her musical theatre major—it aids her confidence and energy. This is good because a fun fact about me is that fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo and Aries) are my least favorite in the zodiac. Along with Scorpios. I’d apologize to all the Scorpios out there, but you’re probably already gaslighting me. 


Cancer Mercury: Mercury influences how you communicate and think, and with hers in Cancer and mine in Capricorn our sister sign-ness is so accentuated here. Just the other day we were watching iCarly and in response to something a character did Marianne said “Aww” and I followed up with “What a sap,” so…


Cancer Mars: Damn she has so many Cancer placements, how is she alive? Anyway, Mars is all about what drives us with a little sprinkle of how our sexual energy presents. A great placement in my opinion—people driven by their heart sound like good people to me! If Marianne’s heart was a car its fuel would consist of good food, her nightly phone calls with her family and boyfriend, as well as the hope to soon foster a cat.   


Leo Venus: As you probably already guessed, Venus is the planet of love. Marianne and her boyfriend have one of my favorite relationships I’ve personally seen—even after three years they still seem madly invested in each other. I actually asked the other day if I could officiate their wedding, being an online-ordained minister and all. I was told yes, and I’m hoping to hold her to it with this article.


Sydney (alternatively called Squid or Squidney)


Gemini sun: Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh she’s a Gemini, she must be so two-faced.” My response to that is yes because I’m still holding a grudge against her for saying she would bring her cat to the apartment and she never did. Other than that deeply personal flaw, I think her Gemini sun makes her a nicely curious person who will emerge from her room to listen to me drone on about even the stupidest thing.  


Leo moon: Thank god she has a Leo moon because for a future educator she is going to need all the emotional confidence she can get when dealing with middle-schoolers. Squid also has light brown, curly hair so… not saying it’s because of her Leo moon, but it’s because of her Leo moon. 


Aquarius rising: I can’t even begin to express my excitement at Squid having an Aquarius rising; I believe in Aquarius moon and rising superiority (as a fellow Aquarius rising)! If Squid and I were left to our own devices, our apartment would look like Spencer Shay’s apartment (if I had a nickel for how many iCarly references were in this article I’d have two nickels, but that would still be crazy, right?).


Cancer Mercury: Squidney’s Cancer Mercury makes me so eager to gossip with her. This way, she can tell me all about the emotionally-messy situation she is in, and I can give her unsolicited advice as to how I would handle it. It’s an addiction on my part, really. 


Libra Mars: Libra is the airiest air sign, meaning the most free-spirited and adaptable. With Mars in Libra, I could only imagine the variety of reasons she has to be so driven. Libra’s one of my favorite signs, so it’s a placement I have a lot of respect for. 


Leo Venus: Another Leo Venus! Squid is also a deeply committed and loving person—she will give you a million and one chances. Though I would not take this for granted, because if she is done with you, she is done. 




Taurus sun: Literally all you need to know about what a Taurus is like is when Anna said, “I’m getting better at working with people.” It’s a great placement though, earth signs are simply superior (you’re going to check if I’m also an earth sign, aren’t you?). 


Cancer moon: Oh gosh, a Cancer moon. This is the “I have seen all of the To All the Boys I Loved Before movies multiple times” placement. And as a future teacher, her understanding of feeling your feelings will make her all the more prepared to work with kids.


Capricorn rising: Her rising is another reason I think she’ll be a good teacher: Her Cancer moon deals with the emotional side of working with kids while the Capricorn rising allows her to appear as an authority figure. 


Taurus Mercury: Anna and I both have earth signs for this placement, which I think is why a lot of our conversations are centered around our routines and realities, such as the classes we take and the responsibilities we have. These are priorities that are cared for seriously, and a large part of how we relate and bond.


Libra Mars: I could only imagine the battle between the Libra Mars wanting to live freely and get the show on the road while her Taurus sun is saying “No, no. We have to do this, this and that first. Then, the fun stuff can begin.” This is a really great placement to have later in life, when the boring stuff is done with and choices are no longer bound by the idea of “I should.” 


Cancer Venus: What is the deal with my roommates having so many Cancer placements! They are drowning! And the fact that she has a Cancer Moon AND Cancer Venus… What a romanticized, idealistic love life. Now I’m going to have to look at the birth chart of whatever guy she starts dating next, just to make sure he’s the human version of a golden retriever or else she’s wasting her time.


All of these opinions are light-hearted, (superficially) my own and given at the permission of my roommates. And if you disagreed with any of this… jokes on you, astrology isn’t real anyway! >:)