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My “Best Of” Kpop Playlist: Oh My Girl

As a follow-up to my article “My “Best Of” Kpop Playlist,” today I’m going to take you through the songs by kpop girl group Oh My Girl, the first kpop group I ever listened to. And since they’re set to have a comeback in May, which I am super excited for by the way, what better time to do this article?

For each song, I’m going to link either the official audio or the music video. Trust me, you’ll want to see the music videos! These aren’t ranked by how much I like them, but instead in chronological order. Additionally, a lot of the album and song titles are stylized in all caps, but that’s a little tough to look at in a list like this, so I omitted the stylization. Hope you enjoy and decide to give them a listen!


Debut/First EP: Oh My Girl, April 2015


Don’t get me wrong, the other songs on Oh My Girl’s debut EP are very good, but “Curious” has been one of my favorites since I first listened to it. It may seem like the chorus is pretty repetitive, but there are minute changes in the lyrics that I think make up for it. Plus, I mean, it reminds me of the old “he loves me, he loves me not” flower-picking game … which is probably because that’s more or less what the lyrics are about! Either way, this song is a spring staple.


Second EP: Closer, October 2015


This song not only is awesome, it also has one of my favorite music videos! It definitely gives off mystical fairy tale vibes. Even though it’s one of their earliest songs, it showcases each member’s vocal talent. Even in their first year as a group, it’s easy to tell just how mature their voices are and how talented they all are. This song is a staple in at least half of my playlists.


With this and “Curious” being the first B-sides on my list, you can probably already tell that Oh My Girl has no shortage of amazing B-sides! The air horns at the beginning really set the stage in my opinion, and that energy continues all the way through to the end, leaving you wanting to jump up and down while singing along. That’s one of my favorite feelings, so I hope you give this song a listen to share in them!

“Round About”

100 percent underrated! As far as I can tell from YouTube searches, they’ve only performed it once at a concert, and the longest video I could find of it was a fancam focused on only one member; because of that, you can’t really see what everyone else is doing. Even so, giving this song a listen is absolutely worth it—I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with it pretty easily!


Third EP: Pink Ocean, March 2016

“Liar Liar”

This was one of the first songs I started learning the lyrics to, since the playlist I used to have only consisted of the songs that had music videos. Since this one has two (the other one can be found here), I had a much greater chance of hearing it, so naturally it grew on me quickly. Even with the somewhat obvious themes of keeping secrets, they manage to make it sound very cute and upbeat! Be warned: this song can and will get stuck in your head, and if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy it!

“Knock Knock”

This is known as (by commenters on one of the lyric videos) a girl crush song, and I have to say, I agree. This is one of my favorite Oh My Girl songs, easily in the top 10, and I have to at least tap my foot along with the beat each time I hear it. It’s one of their underrated B-sides, something this list has no shortage of. I really wish this song got more love, it’s absolutely a bop!


First Reissue: Windy Day, May 2016 (Reissue of Pink Ocean)

“Windy Day”

What starts off as the perfect spring song somehow becomes even better once the chorus kicks in. I mean, just listen! The first time I listened to this song, I was (pun incoming) blown away. And if you get a chance, check out the choreography for this song. Imagine performing it live! This definitely proves, at least for me, just how talented these girls are. And I know I say that a lot, and I’ll say it a lot more before this article is done, but seriously! It cannot be said enough!


First Single Album: Listen to My Word, August 2016

“Je T’aime”

I don’t even have words! I mean, imagine the best love song you know, give it a sort of summer chill feel and crank it up to eleven. This song owns my entire heart, and even though I can’t yet keep up with the rap portion, I’ve listened to this song enough times that I have the rest of it memorized. I should try finding a ukulele tutorial so I can play along as I sing...


Fourth EP: Coloring Book, April 2017

“Real World”

You’ve probably already noticed that I like high energy songs, and this one definitely fits the bill. The chorus especially fills me with joy every time I sing along. It reminds me a lot of early 2010s pop, specifically certain songs from Taylor Swift’s album Red. A very specific line to draw, but I definitely feel some of the same energy in “Real World” as “Holy Ground” and “State of Grace.”

“Perfect Day”

I couldn’t find only the audio for this one, but that’s not at all a bad thing. This stage is absolutely incredible, really highlighting an already great song. The choreography especially lends itself well to the upbeat feeling and lyrics, and in my opinion is just downright impressive. Plus, it looks like a lot of fun, not to mention...incredibly difficult. I can’t imagine having to dance with/on chairs that aren’t bolted down!


Fifth EP: Secret Garden, January 2018

“Secret Garden”

This song literally feels to me like the dew on a flower garden, no joke. This song is one of a few slower(ish) ones on this list, creating a really great balance and proving that Oh My Girl really can do it all. I am 100 percent convinced that I need to learn the choreography to this sometime so I can feel like I’m inside this fairy tale secret garden as well. Also, the choreography just plain looks cool. I also learned that this was the song and EP that saved the group from possible disbandment. Just think: if they hadn’t recorded this album, I would never have gotten into their music or kpop! (Somewhat related, while writing this I found the most amazing piano cover of this that gives me so many feels—it’s amazing!)

“Love O’clock”

You know the kinds of songs that give you feelings of indescribable joy? Like they make you feel happy but you don’t know why? That’s this song for me. I always feel warm and happy when I hear it, though I’m never quite sure why. Part of it’s probably Mimi’s rap (that she wrote herself), part is probably the last two lyrics, which translate to “Right now, in my heart / the clock says love o’clock.” Maybe it’s just me, too, but I also love the ticking of the clock in the background.


Sixth EP: Remember Me, September 2018

“Remember Me”

I absolutely waxed poetic about this song in the last article, but allow me to reiterate my points. The first beat drop never fails to get me on my feet and ready to jump around while I sing along. I love this song so much that I can sing all of it—Mimi’s rap portion included—in both the Korean and Japanese versions! One of these days, I should try learning the choreography so I can have even more fun!


Clean with Passion for Now OST, November 2018

“Sweet Heart”

This song is sung by the Banhana subunit—oldest member and leader Hyojung, youngest member (maknae) Arin and vocalist Binnie. They have a couple other songs as a subunit as well, but this one is by and large my favorite. Their vocal talents gel together so well, and the song is very upbeat and easy to get into. Additionally, here’s a video of the song overlaying some moments from the drama it’s in! (If you use closed captioning, you’ll be able to see the English translation!)


Non-album single with Yoo Jae-Hwan, April 2019

“Love Speed”

I’m always a sucker for love ballads, and I’m pretty sure this one counts, haha. Since I used to be in chorus and orchestra and am familiar with music terms such as the ones used in this song, I love the metaphor of different tempos of music as different, well, love speeds. The tempo itself seems to change between the verses and chorus to Mimi’s rap, too, which I think was a great touch. All-around a great song.


First studio album: The Fifth Season, May 2019

“The Fifth Season/SSFWL”

This is, in my opinion, one of Oh My Girl’s most elegant songs. That’s obviously communicated by the music video, and leaves me feeling warm and in love. This definitely gets onto my top ten list for that feeling alone. There’s just so much to love, the choreography especially, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the sound of this song. As I’ve found out as well, it’s one of those songs that gives me an intense, indescribable feeling of joy. Additionally, check out the official instrumental version; you won’t be disappointed!


Literally, I don’t know how anyone could not be in love with this song. The first few notes drag me in and don’t let go until the song’s over every single time, and I definitely think this is a very underrated B-side. The title says it all; this absolutely feels like a rain shower with the sun still shining behind the clouds. I also think this displays everyone’s vocal talents very well!

“Tic Toc”

Remember when I said I like songs with clock noises in them? That absolutely applies here, too, though in a different way than “Love O’clock.” As you’ve noticed, I have a pretty good blend of high-energy and slower songs on this playlist, but this one feels like the perfect medium. I have this song nearly memorized and I always love bopping my head along with the beat or full-on dancing!


This is performed by three members: Hyojung, Binnie and main vocalist Seunghee. I can’t say enough how much I love this song and singing along to it. It always reminds me of a rainy day for some reason, and I can’t get enough of it. Whenever this song comes on, no matter what I’m doing, I always at least mouth the words. Holy crap I love this song!


Second Reissue: Fall in Love, August 2019 (Reissue of The Fifth Season)

“Bungee (Fall in Love)”

I know I’ve said this before for other songs, but this song absolutely makes it onto the summer playlist. It’s very fun and bouncy and feels like the kind of song that would be played at a school dance that has everyone jumping up and down as dancing. I (another pun incoming) definitely bungee jumped into this song and fell right in love!


Seventh EP: Nonstop, April 2020


This was the first of Oh My Girl’s songs I ever heard—the day the music video was released, it was trending on Tumblr so I decided to look at some of the gifsets and eventually checked out the music video itself. I fell in love pretty quickly—I mean, how couldn’t I? The vocals are amazing, the rap sections were phenomenal … there was so much to love! I always have fun singing and attempting to dance along whenever this comes up on my playlist.


If you’re a frequenter of Tiktok, you might’ve heard the chorus to this song before! At least, I’m told; I’m not on Tiktok, so I don’t know, haha. Regardless, just like “Nonstop,” this is a high energy song with a fun dance! I find it very easy to sing along to, and it definitely gives me summer vibes. I mean, it’s called “Dolphin”—how could it not? Just try dancing and singing along without a smile on your face, I dare you.


Okay, I warned you that there were a lot! And chances are when their comeback drops, I’m going to write an article reviewing each song (and possibly their comeback stage and choreography? Who knows). Either way, I know us Miracles are going to be given amazing content from an amazingly talented group!

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