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My Best Friend and I Have a Psychic Connection (Maybe)

I’m going to preface this article by saying that I am a very skeptical person to begin with. If you read my article on ghosts I published last Halloween, it’s fairly obvious that I have a hard time believing in ideas of the supernatural. 

With this in mind, however, I will be the first to admit that I think my best friend and I might have a psychic connection. 

My best friend’s name is Julia Baumann and I met her in the second grade. It’s fair to say that since then we have been inseparable. In fact, now that we’re both attending college, these past few months are the longest we have ever been apart. 

Throughout our eleven years of friendship, we began to notice very strange similarities between us. For example, both of our families own a cabin about ten minutes apart from each other. This may not seem that strange but when you take into account that the location is almost two hours away from where we grew up, that’s a pretty strange coincidence. I feel like this one could be explained simply by a strange coincidence, but it only began to get stranger. 

Eventually we were able to communicate nonverbally. One look at her face and I could immediately tell what she was thinking or why she was laughing. This could easily be explained, it makes perfect sense. If you know someone for eleven years, you get pretty good at reading their facial expressions and understanding how they were feeling. 

What happened next is what I like to call “the intuition moments.” On more than one occasion I will open my message app to text Julia and one will pop right up on to the screen, a second before I send my own. You can call it a coincidence, I still think it happens more often than normal. Other intuition moments are also rather simple; oftentimes I will call her and mention something that she had been thinking about the night before or I can figure out what she is going to say before she actually says it. 

By far the most insane intuition moment we shared was brought up when we were talking about future children. I feel like talking to your best friend about what you want to name your future children is rather normal. What is not normal is having the exact same names as your best friend picked out for both a boy and a girl. Without ever discussing it before, we both wanted to name our daughters Ellie (or Eleanor) and our sons Oliver. If you are gonna say that it’s just a coincidence that we want to name our children the exact same names, you’ve got to admit that’s a pretty strange coincidence.

The last point I offer to convince you of mine and Julia’s psychic connection is what happened a couple weeks ago. I was lying restless in bed trying to sleep, so I did what I always do: make up scenarios in my head of things that will never happen. That particular night, I was wondering what it would be like to speak at Julia’s funeral. Yes, I know that’s morbid but it’s besides the point, my mind was wandering. Eventually, I fell asleep and awoke the next morning to a text from Julia. That same night, Julia had a dream that I had died. I was completely taken aback. We both had subconscious thoughts about each other dying in the same night? You have to admit that that’s strange.

At the end of the day Julia and I probably don’t have a psychic connection, we’re probably just very similar. We always joke that we are the same person because we have such similar thoughts. But I really think it’s fun to believe that we had a predetermined connection between us that just gets stronger as our friendship grows. 

Emma Belica

Geneseo '24

Emma Belica is a sophomore at Geneseo, she's majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Studies. She loves reading, writing, yoga, and the outdoors. She is also very excited to be here :)
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