Love Songs For When You're Feeling Lovey-Dovey

    Love songs are the worst when you’re feeling heartbroken. Nothing will bring tears faster. However, when your heart strings are being strummed, love songs rock! Here is a playlist that you can keep in your back pocket for the next time you’re feeling head over heels!


Lovesong - Adele



This song is one you might want to listen to in the car, very loudly. It’s the kind of song that just envelopes you completely. It a romantic, candlelit kind of love song.


Here on Out - Dave Matthews Band



I’m a huge Dave Matthews fan, and this is one of his newest songs, but also one of his best. I can’t help but smile like a dork when I’m listening to it. This song is feels like a kiss on the forehead.


Love Someone - Lukas Graham



This song makes you want to dance in your kitchen with fuzzy socks on. Is that too specific a feeling? Imagine making pancakes on a Sunday morning in your pjs with someone you love. You slide around the room, you sing into your spatula microphone, and your significant other spins you around. This is the song that is playing in the background during that!


You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne



Ray LaMontagne holds a special place in my heart. His voice is the kind that makes you feel nostalgic. Close your eyes, smile, and sing along to this adorable and simple song!


All We Are - Matt Nathanson



Have you ever wanted to slow dance in a gazebo at night? I have the song for you! This song makes you want to stare into the eyes of your significant other and sway back and forth in each other’s arms.


Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine



This is such a wedding song. I can’t perfectly explain it, but I feel like this is a first-dance-at-your-wedding song. It’s sweet, slow, and simple! The lyrics are just perfection. They are absolutely adorable.


Crack The Shutters - Snow Patrol



This song is about waking up next to the love of your life. It’s beautiful and will make you smile brighter than the sun!


She Is Love - Parachute



There were a couple Parachute songs I was considering, but I picked this one because of its simplicity. There is guitar and voice and nothing else. It’s bare, but that’s because it doesn’t need a lot to convey the message. A sweet acoustic guitar and an expressive voice does the job.


How Would You Feel - Ed Sheeran



If you thought that you could get through this list without an Ed Sheeran song, then you must be crazy. There were so many to choose from, but I had to go with this song. It’s one of his lesser-known songs, but it’s worth the listen. It makes you think of your first love in a good way. It’s the feeling of saying “I love you” for the first time in a song.


Only Love - Ben Howard



If you’ve ever wanted the feeling of being at a concert and swaying a lighter in the air, the chorus of this song is that feeling in a song. It’s being at a concert, singing along, and waving your phone light back and forth (because no one likes fire hazards) bottled up!


Happy listening everyone! I hope you love this playlist!



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