The Latest Allegation Against Kavanaugh: A Second Opinion on the Supreme Court Justice


Just over a year ago in Oct. 2018, I wrote an opinion piece once Brett Kavanaugh was elected as the newest Supreme Court Justice. Now, New York Times journalists Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly have written The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation that digs deeper into the assaults and provides the full story of Kavanaugh.

A review from the New York Times discusses the book in detail, beginning with Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh in school. The authors spoke with other witnesses who were not interviewed during the federal investigation. These observations paint Kavanaugh in different perspectives such as a student or a rowdy teenager. Overall, the authors believe he was a heavy teenage drinker that may have caused his bad actions; however, he has grown out of that into a real man.

However, the accusations of another woman, Deborah Ramirez, in the book has led to a slew of impeachment calls. Although Ramirez had accused Kavanagh before his election, his seat was still confirmed. The book lists lawyer Max Stier as a witness at a freshman party when Kavanaugh had ‘“pushed his penis into the hand of a female student.” Ramirez had been drinking, and many claim the victim, evidence and witnesses do not add up.

President Donald Trump immediately defended Kavanaugh on twitter while 2020 Democratic candidates took aim at impeachment. Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders were among those who called for impeachment. Despite the accusations, impeachment would have to be approved in the House and convicted in the Senate.

The book comes out on Sept. 17 so I have clearly not read it and can only form my opinion based on those who have. As always, there are clear leans to the right and the left, and neither side will probably ever admit that they are wrong. While I do see inconsistencies in this new allegation as reported by the review in the New York Post, I think it still does not dilute the fact that Kavanaugh had heavy drinking issues and could have committed the acts.

Despite the fact that Kavanaugh might be a better man now (disregard his political beliefs and values toward women for a moment), there are still allegations against him by more than one woman. Whether the victim had been drinking (Ramirez) or it had been back in high school (Ford), there has been foul play at some point in his life.

It is a tricky situation, as many will claim that rape and assault allegation ruin men’s lives. Yet, many people never think about the women—specifically Ford in this case—whose lives have been turned upside down because they let their voices and their stories be heard. Why is it that a man gets to sit in the highest court of the United States without a second thought? The allegation clearly did not ruin Kavanaugh’s life as he was still elected.

Considering there is more evidence in this book about Kavanaugh’s life that reveals his behavior during his teenage years, I think that the investigation should be reopened. The Federal Bureau of Investigation may have closed their case, but journalists have found sources and exposed horrors in the past. The FBI needs to see the new evidence that will be laid out in front of them.

I will always believe a survivor of sexual assault, and in this moment more people need to believe them too. Do we really want someone with a criminal—no matter how much they have changed—making decisions that will affect the future of women and this country?