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If You Don’t Follow The Astronomy Picture Of The Day, You Should

Here at SUNY Geneseo, we pride ourselves on making sure each student has a diverse degree. That basically means that we have twice the number of gen ed classes than any other SUNY school has! For instance, you have to take not one but two science classes (with labs) from different disciplines. That is how I found myself, an English education major, in an astronomy class. I was both excited and terrified to be in astronomy because I think space is really cool (who doesn’t?), but physics is not my thing. If you didn’t know, astronomy involves using way too many physics principles. However, I am doing really well so far, thanks for asking. I’ve learned a lot, done really well on the tests, and I discovered the Astronomy Picture of the Day.




What is Astronomy Picture of the Day or APOD for short? I’m glad you asked! It’s a website run by NASA that posts a new picture related to astronomy every single day. Not only do they post a picture, but they include a small blurb explaining the picture, complete with links to pages explaining any space jargon they use.


So why should you be a stan of APOD and check it religiously? One reason is that the pictures are always jaw dropping and are a beautiful way to start the day! For example, check out this picture from April 19th, 2018. It’s a picture of a bubble nebula, and it’s so cool! This looks like a poster that you’d find in a really cute and smart person’s dorm room!



So pretty and mind blowing pictures aren’t enough for you? Well, those explanatory blurbs are actually super informative! Check the APOD every day, and you will have more space facts than you ever thought possible. You can learn things like what the aurora borealis really is and what causes it, what black holes really are (I can tell you that it’s not what you’ve always thought), and what the Mars Rover is up to these days. You will be the best at small talk with all these little fun facts!


I hope I’ve convinced you to check out APOD, because you won’t regret it. It can only make your day brighter with incredible pictures and fun things to learn. So when you wake up tomorrow, visit the APOD website first thing in the morning. You may just find yourself obsessed with space!





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Hannah Fahy

Geneseo '20

Hannah Fahy is a junior English secondary education major at SUNY Geneseo. She is very involved on campus as the secretary of Circus Club and a general member of Musical Theater Club. She is also the social media coordinator of the Geneseo Her Campus chapter! She is an aspiring unicyclist who enjoys reading, donating blood, and knitting. She is always learning a new skill because she believes that you should never stop learning.
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