“I’m Gay and I Want It”, A Shopping Listicle: T-Shirt Edition

Welcome to Her Campus @ Geneseo’s first iteration of “I’m Gay and I Want It”, a series of shopping listicles where we have literally no other reason for wanting things other than the fact that we’re gay. Woo pride consumerism!


Now that summer is quickly approaching, what better way to usher in the rising heat than to expand your wardrobes with a bunch of t-shirts you can’t wear to your summer job without risking having one? I took a deep-dive through LookHuman’s pride section to select the cream of the crop for you. Enjoy!


All of the following shirts tend to hover around $21.


“The Floor is Heterosexuality”



“The Moon Has Phases”



“If You Wanna Be My Lover”



“Move, I’m Gay”



(Alternate design:)



“Lesbian Harpies”



“I Can See Queerly Now”



“Gay and Trashy”



Dem Bones


“Bisexuals for Space Socialism”


“The Gang’s All Queer”



“That Gay Shit”


“Mermaids for Lesbian Atlantis”



“I Studied the Blade”



“That Gay Shit” (because it can never get old!)



“What Girls Want”



“I Only Have Sleepovers With Girls”



“Tricera Bottom”



“What a Great Day”




Happy shopping!



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