Everything Wrong with Once Upon A Time: An Introduction (Part 1)

This show was my pride and joy for several years of my youth.


They then used the following years to slowly break down my enthusiasm and put cracks in the hope they had built in me.


I have a right to complain and I have a lot to say.


Welcome to “Everything Wrong with Once Upon A Time: A Series”, dedicated to the titular ABC show that ruined my life. I may not actually touch on everything considering this show was running for seven seasons with over 20 episodes in each. But let’s get started.


From the beginning of the series to the end, there was an emphasis on happy endings and how everyone will find their own path to happiness. Yet, when it came to receiving happiness there was a pattern: it was reserved for straight white characters. Look forward to future articles diving into specific characters and the different ways they did not receive the same treatment as their straight white counterparts. There weren’t many queer or characters of color to begin with, which is a separate issue.


Another problem that could be covered over several articles is the decline in quality of the plot as the seasons went on. All the timelines became confusing, the family tree was unnecessarily complex and the storylines became simply uninteresting. They made too many characters and didn’t keep track of them well, leading to abandoned storylines and a frustrated audience.


I’m going to be open and just say it: I am a strong Swan Queen supporter and very against Captain Swan. If you’re not aware, these are the names of relationships between Emma and Regina, and Emma and Hook respectively. If you’ve seen the show, you probably know what I am talking about, as these were some of the most actively vocal groups of people in the fandom. I could easily write articles about the different aspects of each of these relationships, sometimes comparing them and sometimes not.


There will also be random ideas about the series considering they did random things that left viewers bored or confused. This may include opinions on the musical episode in Season Six, a list of characters that added no significance to the show and strange aspects of the show that sound like you’re making it up when talking to people who don’t watch it.


There is no way I could fit all I have to say into one cohesive article, so here is an introduction to what is to come. I will be sure to clarify what category each article fits into. If you watched the show, you are allowed to have your own specific opinions about any of these wild plots, characters and relationships. This is just what I personally think and my experience with the show. With that being said, future rant-filled articles are to come!


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