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Whether it be family you’ve left when going to college, high school friends that ultimately decided on different schools, or people on the internet that you’ve never met in person but have built a strong connection with, you’re going to miss someone. Dealing with this isn’t always easy, especially when you’re used to always being around everyone that you’ve known like…all the time. Eventually, you’ll learn that it isn’t about the space between you but your connection that bridges that space.


I haven’t been away from my family this long my whole life. I’m generally an independent person, but I’m still used to seeing them every single day. My immediate family such as my mom, dad, and brother are constant parts of my life that bring me frustration and laughter at the same time. They’re there for me to talk to when I’m feeling down, or at least distract me and make me laugh. After being home for just a few days, it’s hard not to want to spend more time with them. We may only be about an hour and a half apart, but it’s a big adjustment (for us all).


Friends that helped me get through high school are difficult not to miss. We’ve known for at least the past year that we’d all be going to different schools as we follow our own journeys, but actually experiencing being separated from them is a new world. I grew up with some people and I’ve been through a lot with others over just a few years. This new distance across New York and through other states is a big step from being a two minute drive away.


I miss people I haven’t met. I’ve had tons of internet friends, some that I’ve lost, some that are around every once in awhile, and some that I talk to all the time. None of them happen to live near me. I dream of visiting them someday. That’s not always possible, though. I have to remind myself that friendship doesn’t have to be just an in-person thing; texts asking about your day are real and thoughtful, and skype calls mean the world.


Dealing with this distance is tough, and sometimes I worry that these people have forgotten about me or no longer care. Here’s a list of some things I do to remind myself my friends and family always love me:

-Think about how distance may separate us, but how we each get caught up in our own busy daily lives and that doesn’t take away the care we have for each other

-Shoot them a quick text or call and ask how they’re doing or how their day is going. It’s the little things like this that keep you in each others’ lives even when you’re far away

-Take a walk to put in perspective where I am now, and deal with the fact that a lot of people I care about aren’t here. I am on my own path, and it’s completely okay to meet new people while keeping the old ones in mind. A walk can clear my head and help me organize who I see as important in my life

-Talk to new friends to remind myself that people are complex and multiple relationships are needed to maintain a healthy social life


Distance between all these people I care about is tough. Like anybody else with this issue, I’m trying to learn to come to terms with accepting change and finding ways to stay connected to the ones I care about. Of course, a reunion is the most anticipated part. A big hug will all be worth the waiting once I finally see them again (or for the first time).

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Kayla Glennon

Geneseo '21

Kayla is a junior English major who is optimistic but enjoys exploring lots of emotions, not just ignoring the "bad" ones. They love writing silly things but also being serious, because there are a lot of things that matter and need to be talked about, but giving yourself a break is important too. They love writing about literature but also coming up with ideas for stories of their own. Kayla is constantly just trying to be themself and trying to be around people that make them happy.
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