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A Compilation of My Favorite Out-of-Context One Direction Lyrics

I’m currently reliving my One Direction phase (as I do every year when the weather finally turns), and I couldn’t help but notice how funny and/or head-turning some of their song lyrics can be, especially when you take them out of their given context. This article is in no way slander, One Direction quite literally raised me and they make it into my top 5 artists on Spotify Wrapped every year. 


The following are some of my favorites. 


“If you ever feel alone, don’t“Don’t Forget Where You Belong,” Midnight Memories


“We’re like na, na, na. Then we’re like yeah, yeah, yeah” — “Na, Na, Na,” Up All Night 


“Reality ruined my life” — “I would,” Take Me Home 


“I don’t have the answers” — “Irresistible,” Take Me Home


“Give you this, give you that. Blow a kiss, take it back” — “I want,” Take Me Home


“I’d get down on my knees for you” — “Girl Almighty,” Four


“I think it went ‘oh, oh oh,’. I think it went ‘yeah, yeah yeah’. I think it goes” — “Best Song Ever,” Midnight Memories

And last but not least, my favorite One Direction lyric in context: “I want you to rock me” — “Rock Me,” Take Me Home

Julia is a sophomore Communication Major at Geneseo! She loves to write, and is so elated that Her Campus lets her do just that.
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