Bridget Mendler is Coming for you this Halloween

When hearing the name Bridget Mendler, you may jump to the classic Teddy Duncan role she has played, or her iconic Juliet character in Wizards of Waverly Place, or even see her as the lead singer of the band Lemonade Mouth for the lemonade revolution. But you may not pair her singing with the scariest artist on Halloween. Perhaps the song “Determinate,” which she sings in Lemonade Mouth, takes you to the Halloween dance from the Disney Channel Original Movie. But have you ever considered her hit single “Ready or Not?” 

When you actually dive into the lyrics of the fun song you can hear how dark, scary and Halloween like the spooky song really is. She starts off her song stating that she is “like a crook tonight.” A crook on halloween that says “ready or not here I come” could send a shiver down a spine. She indicates it is the evening and that she is on the hunt for you saying, “where you at? The night is young.” Again she tells the audience “ready or not here I come” warning the listener that she is coming for them. 

She sets the spooky scene painting you in a large gathering singing “in the crowd the music’s loud.” Mendler gives you this little security of being in public. Then she rips that security out from under you singing, “but I will find you.” Like a serial killer in a mass of people she promises to hunt you down. Bridget obsesses over you, telling you “I like your face”  harshly. Then she asks in a threatening tone, “do you like my song?” She continues this refrain over and over again warning you that she is coming, ready or not. Mendler ends her song repeating “you’re like a breath of fresh air in my lungs.” 

Has she just sucked out the air in your lungs? Is she the scariest artist on Halloween? Bridget Mendler is coming for you this Halloween, the evidence is there, ready or not, she will find you.