Bad (But Funny) Horror Movies



If you’re like me, you absolutely love Halloween. Not just because you can watch as many horror movies as you want, but also because you can watch BAD horror movies. Here is a list of the best horror movies to laugh at with friends.

  1. 1. The Black Room (Available on Netflix)

    The Black Room is half comedy, half horror. It centers on a married couple who move into a home unknowingly inhabited by an incubus who wants to hook up with the wife. The demon eventually possesses the husband, who starts to act extremely strange. Despite her husband’s incessant flirting and everyone around her suddenly dying horrible deaths, our heroine does not seem to realize the truth until the climax (Heh). The Black Room is a great horror comedy to watch, so long as you’re okay with watching a horror movie that borders on a porno.

  2. 2. Zoombies (Available for free through Tubi)

    Zoombies asks the question, ‘what if animals become zombies?’ The answer is that you will see lots of bad computer-generated images and even worse acting. Zoombies is a treat to watch, as it focuses on a group of zookeepers attempting to survive in their zoo infected with undead animals. The CGI and acting are horrifically bad, as well as the logic of the characters. For example, in order to avoid the birds from getting infected from an airborne disease, they release the birds into the environment. Yeah. It’s that type of movie. 

  3. 3. Truth or Dare (Available on Netflix)

    This is probably not the one you’re thinking of, as it is the Asylum release of 2017. I watched Truth or Dare with a friend of mine, and boy was it a trip. The film focuses on a group of friends who play a nice game of truth or dare in a cursed house. After the horrific death of one of their friends, the group leaves the house, only to find that they really should've finished the game. It’s tacky, and, to be honest, everyone in this film would have been fine if they weren’t such terrible people. For example, one friend paralyzed someone in a hit and run, and refuses to admit it so until then his life is at stake. Another character cheats on her doting boyfriend. Moral of the story: don’t be a bad person.

  4. 4. Haunting on Fraternity Row (Available on Netflix)

    The funniest movie on the list, Haunting on Fraternity Row follows a fraternity as they prepare to have the biggest bash of the year—a luau party with a lot of cultural appropriation. Possibly as a result of their ignorance, they are hunted down one by one by a demon. Haunting on Fraternity Row is very aware of how stupid its plot is, and gleefully revels in college stereotypes, like jerky frat boys, promiscuous freshmen women and more. Also, surprisingly, there is a really good twist at the end? I think this movie could’ve been better if it took itself a little less seriously.

  5. 5. The Bye Bye Man (Also available on Netflix)

    Oh boy. I’m sure many of you have heard about the bye bye man, but I need to talk about it a little bit more. The mere name is laughable, and so is the design. The Bye Bye Man is basically an old man in a black robe, so, really, not very terrifying. Plus, the mantra “don’t say it don’t think it” only makes me think about that time in 6th grade I did a presentation to my class about my fanfictions. Ugh.

So, there you have it. Five bad horror movies that you can find on Netflix, and if not, on Tubi. I’m sure there are more, so I’ll keep looking. Happy Halloween!