Apply for Everything!

Did you know that men will, on average, apply for something once they meet 60% of the qualifications, but women wait until they meet 100% of the qualifications before they apply? This is usually explained away by people saying that women should just be more confident. However, that’s a really male-centric way of looking at it. Women aren’t confident enough to apply for jobs they’re unqualified for, meanwhile men are confident enough to apply despite being unqualified? That basically just says that men have higher self-esteem and women should just be more like men.


    That’s ridiculous, and it should make you mad! Realistically, people don’t apply for things they are unqualified for because it seems like a waste of time and energy to apply for something you probably won’t get. I hope you’re mad because I want you to take that anger and turn it into energy. Use all of that energy to apply for everything that you can get an application for. That scholarship that you think too many people are applying for? Apply for that! That internship that you aren’t totally qualified for? Apply for that! That award that you don’t think you deserve? You guessed it, apply for that!  


Apply for anything and everything because there are only three outcomes. You get the thing or you don’t get the thing are the first two outcomes. The third outcome is that you get the thing and end up turning it down for some reason. In two of those outcomes you get the thing!


    Now that you have turned your anger into energy, go out and apply, apply and apply some more. Somewhere out there is a man who is not totally qualified who is also applying for the thing you want, so why shouldn’t you also apply? Seriously, click away from this article right now and get started!



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