Academia Out of Context: Final Paper Edition

With finals season finally over here at Geneseo, we’re all relieved. We may have been going a little bonkers this semester. Here are some funny “bloopers” that we wished we could keep in our final papers or creative writing portfolios!

Cut: “... establishment candidates Jeb Bush and the Zodiac Killer.”
Cut: “You use your free head to gesture toward a pile of red clothes that you had not put there.”
Cut: “Although left-wing extremism is not comparable to wing-wing extremism.”
Cut: “With a single tweet, he could sic his supporters on any Republican who doesn’t agree with him.”
Cut: “Kyra loved that Rachel had dumped a drink on his head. The two bonded after Kyra volunteered to buy Rachel another coffee. They had been best friends ever since.”
Cut: “That’s what makes the bridges so interesting.”
Cut: “Before ‘In the Heights,’ there was ‘West Side Story.’”
Cut: “Tristan looked like he wanted to tear his hair out. He had started pacing as he spoke, too.”
Cut: “... which gives off major Cold War Space Race vibes…”


We all had quite the variety of final papers ...