16 Cool Butch Club Penguin Outfits


If you’re an adult and you’re on Club Penguin, the best part is getting to dress yourself. Now that I’ve learned I can dress however I want in real life, I can finally reflect that in the most important way - a virtual penguin on the internet. An identity that I’ve been trying to accept as myself more and more is butch, and here are some of my penguin’s butch outfits. 


  1. Fun and Colorful

I’m gonna be honest, the first outfit was just what my penguin had on at the time that I got the idea for this article. I feel like it’s a fun mix of random things that come together. Who says you can’t be visually impaired in one eye, have the ability to fly, and want to snack on some popcorn at the same time? Who’s gonna stop you, your black border collie-puffle?


2. The Hot Pirate

I made this outfit a few days ago and I keep coming back to it because I just like the look. The red color makes it pop, and the bandana and lantern make it seem like I’ve been working on a pirate ship day and night. The glasses and the sweater make it cool, though.


3. Classy Lesbian

This outfit started off with the historical fact that lesbians liked wearing monocles (there was even a nightclub in Paris called Le Monocle in the 1930’s). It grew from there and turned into the fancy, classy penguin that stands before you.


4. The College Nerd

This outfit uses some of the newest clothing options that have come out and truly just capture my essence in college. The backpack really makes me happy.


5. Knight in Shining Butch

What more could you want? It’s an idealized version of Crusaders, but strip away the hyper-masculinity and blind violence, nationalism and religion. So I suppose everything about the Crusades (I’m so sorry, I’m in a Crusades class right now). Anyway, take all of that away, create a fun outfit and put a butch woman in it. 


6. The Drag King


He looks like he’s just about ready to get on stage. I feel pretty proud of this one - everything from the crown to the puffle to the background dance floor.


7. ‘Everyday Look’

Don’t you also walk around every day with a sword and rainbow cape? You have to keep straight people on their toes.


8. ‘I Will End Homophobia at Age 15’

For this one, I simply channeled myself at 15 and how I wanted to look and how angry I was at heteronormativity. You want to be cool but you also want to fight everyone that doesn’t challenge their societal views with a squirt gun.


9. A Modern Butch Gabriel

The wings are just fun to use, so why not go for Gabriel


10. Karate Kid

She does karate, but she’s casual about it. She also plays the drums in a band...or maybe she just carries around drumsticks. You won’t know until she’s already reeled you into a few dates, and by then you’ll be attached already.


11. Party Dyke

You’ve definitely seen this girl at a concert. I don’t know why she would bring a skateboard (or a puffle), but it really added to the aesthetic. 


12. Gay Barista

Would you accept a donut from her?


13. Hot Gym Teacher

You’ll catch yourself staring instead of running laps. You think she won’t do anything until suddenly she’s catching up to you on her unicycle and pushing you to run faster.


14. The Cowboy

I had fun with this one. I had so many choices between different cowboy hats, but I liked the purple hair too much.


15. The Queer Youtuber

Can’t you picture this lady walking around LA vlogging, trying to get the perfect shot of the sunset? Her audience has already created a ship name for her and her girlfriend, let’s all hope they don’t break up in two weeks.

16. Lesbian Sheep

This one’s just a lesbian sheep.


I suggest you go on the new Club Penguin Online and make outfits of your own! Explore your creativity and always go butch (unless you don’t want to).