12 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Political Science Majors

I love politics. I always have. One might (accurately) call me a nerd in this respect. I went into college majoring in international relations, which is a major already heavy in political science classes and decided early on in my sophomore year to add a political science major. Know anyone like me? Stuck on a gift to get them? Check out these suggestions!


1) This mug in case you just want to keep it real

2) This book! I read it over the summer on my beach vacation and I couldn’t stay away from it!


3) A shot glass for the party girl in your life

4) This shirt! Empower her for Christmas! Or Hanukkah! Or just because!


5) This coffee table book because who doesn’t miss Obama at this point?


6) This poster for your local Hobbesian or political theory fanatic


7) This pillow to help them study while they sleep


8)  This tote for your favorite combination Whitney Houston and European politics fan


9) Socks for those who want to express their love of voting, America or Ruth Bader Ginsburg


10) A laptop case to give the gift of global perspective (and laptop protection)



Hope this is helpful! Happy shopping!


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