10 Geneseo-Specific Instagrams

Are you a Geneseo freshman and trying to assimilate into campus culture?  Or are you an upperclassman looking to procrastinate? Either way, follow these Geneseo-specific Instagram accounts!


1. @HerCampusGeneseo

Follow your favorite Her Campus team’s Instagram!  You’ll be able to see all of our newest posts and inspiration!



2. @MadelineSuperFan

Ever read an article by or about our beloved Madeline?  Now you can track her daily shenanigans!



3. @WeRateBathroomz

Nothing will make your skin feel like you contracted scabies quite like this account.




Whether you’re heterosexual and need a good picture to look at or just love making fun of men, this is the account for you!



5. @CrocsofGeneseo

A scar upon the reputation of Geneseo, @CrocsofGeneseo immortalizes all of our fashion fauxs.  And trust us, Crocs are a major one.



6. @SquirrelsofGeneseo

Like every college, we have some spunky squirrels!  We might be partial, but we think ours are the best.



7. @DeniseaBattles_sightings

Ever want to know where the college President is around campus? Check out this cryptic Geneseo account.



8. @Barstool_Geneseo

We may not be a bar school, but our instances of public drunk idiocy are just as high as at bar schools!  This Geneseo specific one has us in fits.



9. @NappersofGeneseo  

If you thought you could sleep in public without getting caught, you were wrong.  They’ll catch you and your awkward nap positions will forever be online.



10. @Geneseo_Sunsets

A wholesome account for all of your nature-loving needs and to prove that every Geneseo sunset is a perfect sunset.



Searching for Geneseo instagrams should be a favorite past-time. Happy scrolling!



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