10 Fun and Femme Club Penguin Outfits



Here’s a big disclaimer right off of the bat before the Club Penguin cancel culture police come to beat down my door with mullets. I do not identify as femme, and femme culture is far more complicated than a few nifty Club Penguin outfits (and, if I do say so myself, I’ve got some pretty fucking nifty looks). However, with my girlfriend writing an article about butch Club Penguin outfits, I knew that I had to follow suit. Plus, I’ll be honest - in a really weird touching way, Club Penguin does allow me to explore my femininity in a way that I would be hesitant to, if not unable, to pull off in real life. Some waddling around as a penguin with shoddy linework does a little more for you than your actual self-esteem does.



Enough pity partying, though. Let’s take a look through my outfits. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration - on the iceberg or IRL.


1) The Collegiate


Perfect for a fall stroll across campus, all that’s missing from this look is a nice pumpkin spice frappe (which, incidentally, is the puffle’s name). It’s also probably the most attainable look on this list - but hey, you’re only limited by your imagination. 


2) Sugar Plum Princess



Or, what every bratty baby sister that’s ever existed in a nineties novel or tv show inevitably looked like.


3) Queen Bee



Dress, speak and act golden in this outfit that’s sure to burn an afterimage into that special someone’s retinas.


4) Bundle Up, Ladies!



This one fulfills my fantasy of being able to roll out of my butch girlfriend’s bed at nine A.M., steal one of their sweaters, layer my own jacket over it and head over to my class. Alas, with them being 5’ and me being triple their weight, it shall never come to pass.


5) “Moon’s haunted.”




6) Of the Fae



Whatever you do, don’t take a single bit of food from her. Best to keep what’s under that mask a secret too.


7) Cryptid Chaser



Discover the Loch Ness Monster, or how good you look in “Better Than Sex” mascara.


8) Sweet Goodbyes



You will be surprised to know (maybe) that I could not find a single culture on Wikipedia that regarded the penguin as a sign of death. Let’s change that. I’d rather this kind lady take me away than any freak with a scythe.


9) Narwhal Princess



Bald, beautiful, and sopping wet.


10) Snapchat Dog Filter



The ultimate white girl fashion, translated to glorious 4K penguin HD.