10 Crazy Nail Polish Names

As a lover of nail polish, I have seen some crazy names of different colors. Some of them don’t even reflect the color of the polish. As I was trying to paint my nails one day, I decided to read all of the names of my nail polish. After about 30 different polishes, I chose my favorite 10 to share as a joke.


1.     Essie “the lace is on”

This color is a pretty pinkish purple color that is by a well-known brand; however, this name doesn’t reflect what color the polish is even though it is such a vibrant color. Where's the lace?!


2.     Sinful Colors Professional “Mars Attracts”

This is yet another mix of pink and purple and once again, there is no indication of this color within the name.


3.     Spoiled by Wet N Wild “Watch Your Language”

This is a deep purple. While the name is humorous, who would know what color it is?


4.     Sinful Colors Professional “Cross My Heart”

This is a solid red that makes my heart bleed. Get it? Heart bleed?


5.     China Glaze “Tart-y For The Party”

This is a really light purple that looks dainty on. I just don’t understand the name. This color is by no means tart.


6.     Maybelline New York Color Show “Fierce N Tangy”

This is a demure yellow color. Yes, I wear yellow nail polish. Even in the Winter. I just don’t think this yellow qualifies as tangy though.


7.     Sally Hansen Color Therapy “Aura’nt You Relaxed?”

This color is like a coral pink. This is also the color that got me onto this idea. It really defines relaxing while polishing your nails. I just think the play on words is a bit funny.


8.     Fresh Paint “Jazz Hands”

This is one of my favorite names because I am an avid dancer. It is a deep purple that seems to have a hint of a pink hue.


9.     Sinful Colors Professional “Mint2BCool”

This is a really pretty mint green color that seems to be kind of blue. I loved the play on words for this one.


10.  Sinful Colors Professional “Strawberry Milk”

I thought it was funny that this light pink was named after a food. It is also one of the only names that reflects the actual color.



I think what I have realized is that many pink or purple colors seem to have the weirdest names. I also promise I do have more colors than this, and more then just Sinful Colors Professional.


Creativity is important, and blending it with self-care just makes it better in my eyes!