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You’re Young & Free: It’s Ok to Act Like It

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to fall into stereotypes. It is even easier to fall into the expectations of society. Whether it be family, friends, coworkers, or complete strangers, we live in a world that is quick to cast judgment. Being a Christian in a secular world often leaves us feeling outcast, away from where the majority gathers. While it is so easy to feel alone, without a deep connection to the world around us, it is important to remember that this place is not our own. We belong to the Lord and should live like it.

It is okay to decide to live apart from those around us, no matter how dear they are to our hearts. God has set us apart since the day of birth. He has great plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and we will never be able to live in His perfect will for u if we do not let go of the ties society has on us. It tries to define us and tell us our beauty and limits. There are definitely powers at work to conform us into an image. The truth is that we are actually YOUNG & FREE.

We should let God and His mighty love define us. He deeply cares for us. He desires a deep relationship with us. He washes away the filth in our lives, and replaces it with holiness. He takes away our sorrows, and replaces it with pure joy. It is true that we are free to chose the path we want to follow. It is also true that God has this super awesome path waiting for us. If we at first choose a path that leaves us broken, we have the confident hope that we can come before God and be made right. His arms are always open ready to give hugs and welcome us back home.

For those that have accepted this love beyond belief, do you not feel in awe and overwhelmed by God’s mighty power? We are made brand stinkin’ new in God’s eyes! Once we accept God’s special gift, we no longer have to be weighed down by past mistakes, bad habits, or negative mindsets. We can be certain that His love has covered all of it. Our lives are no longer under the power or influence of this world, but under the influence of God’s promises and beautiful truths.

So what does this mean?

This means that we are free to smile through tough situations, to laugh with fear of what is to come, to find new strength when we feel our weakest, to be at complete peace while in the middle of a freak storm. Although I have this great knowledge of God and His great power, I sometimes allow my heart to be heavy, fear to overcome my mind, all peace to be lost. In those moments (or long periods of times) I recognize the place I went wrong, take a breath, and remember Whose I am. I don’t have to feel guilty or ridiculous for losing my cool or losing sight of God in my tough moments. His forgiveness is endless and is not only limited to our small slip ups.

How can we embody this sort of living everyday?

Ask God to show up in your life, He hears us when we speak. Be humbled by God’s truths, realize that He means every single word He has spoken. Pray for BIG things, be bold. Do not doubt what you ask for, and you will receive it. Take the time to study the bible, that is the only way we can have hope for knowing what God is truly like and what He is calling us to. Live without weights, shame, pain, anger, worry, or fear. You have been set free from all of it, it is okay to act like it! In fact, that is the only way to make the most of this life!

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