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You are Never Too Old for Halloween

As we get older, more people assume that we are too old for Halloween and label dressing up as childish. Halloween should not just be deemed only for kids, or as an excuse for women to dress sleazy, but as a celebration for creativity and community. Celebrating Halloween is thought to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain where villagers lit fires and wore costumes to fend off ghosts and spirts. Furthermore, Pope Gregory III in the eighth century issued it would be a day glorifying and honoring all the saints and martyrs calling it All Saints’ Day. The background of Halloween indicates that the holiday is not just for kids at all, but inclusive of the entire community in common beliefs and celebration.

Here are some reasons to participate in this liberating holiday!

  1. We are all still kids at heart

Who cares what other people say; dress up as what you always wanted to be as a kid but your parents would not you! It’s never too late to dress up in something you never were able to growing up!

  1. We are more creative now than we were when we were kids

As children, we did not know anything about culture, puns, or funny jokes that could translate into a great costume! This is our time to show how funny, smart, and weird we can be on the outside!

  1. Friends and Family can wear Group Costumes

Get a group of friends and team up with the funniest and cutest group costume idea! Take your favorite show and dress up as all the characters! It creates a great picture and a memory that lasts forever.

  1. Show off your creativity

Find the simplest articles of clothing and turn it into a great costume! Go big or small and let loose to have a good time! Find a Halloween party and laugh with other people at how great everyone looks!

  1. Be Anything You Want to Be!

Halloween is the one day to really be something else than just plain jane! Wear a crown or a cape and feel like the boss you wish you could be, but do not have the time for in real life.

            We are never too old to let go of all the rules we set for ourselves and have a little fun! People assume that it is immature, but it’s just the social concept that makes it less “adult-like” to dress up. We dress up in order to change our appearance, and step outside of our character. In reality, adults are the ones who struggle with their identity as compared to kids and, with that in mind, it makes more sense for people struggling with their self-expression to shed the expectations of our culture and enjoy feeling free for a night. We get so wrapped up in what people think of us that it hinders our ability to be who we really want. Halloween is also an all-inclusive holiday! There is no religious tradition or stigma that excludes or offends others; and all races, genders, and cultures are equally invited to celebrate a day together. Don’t let your age stop you from having fun! Do something different and have the best night filled with friends and family!   


Image: https://www.google.com/search?q=Halloween&safe=active&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS72…

I am a Freshman at Grand Canyon University. My major is currently Business in Marketing with a minor in Literature. I am from Southern California, and love adventuring for new food places! I immensely enjoy traveling, as I have been to Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.
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