Why You Should Get Involved in Intermural Sports

My friends and I have spent plenty of time playing different types of sports on our school’s intermural teams. Here at GCU, we have flag football, dodge ball, spike ball, softball, volleyball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and many others.  Every year my friends and I get involved in flag football, ultimate Frisbee, softball, and dodgeball. I love playing intermural sports because it gives me something to do in the evenings when I’m done with my classes. 

The sports games are only during the week and start no early than five o’clock pm. At first, playing intermural sports was tough. My co-rec team of half boys, half girls, always got stuck facing a team of all boys. This was always disappointing for us because it wasn’t even competitive. We always ended up losing very badly. After a while, the university changed many intermural sports policies. For example, adding a new rule that the co-rec teams of eight, had to have at least four girls and four boys on them so there would not be any unfair advantages. Intramural games occur two or three days a week for a span of two or three weeks. This gives you something to do and gives you a way to get moving and work on your fitness. Instead of going to the gym consistently every night, we play intermural sports without realizing that we’re getting a work out.

Not only does intermural sports give you an opportunity to spend time with your current friends, it also gives you an outlet to make new friends. For many of my intermural sports teams, we have either had too many boys or too many girls to start with. To even out the equation, we have the option to pick up “free agents” or other students that are signed-up to play who do not have a team. When we need more boys or more girls on our team, we go on and select free agents to join us. A lot of other people on the team aren’t just free agents though, they are friends of our other friends. This gives us an opportunity to meet them and develop new friendships.