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Why You Need to Watch Seaspiracy

Recently, Netflix has included many new shows on its platform. A must see is the documentary Seaspiracy. This Netflix original documentary appeared March 24th and has been the hottest, latest topic so far this year. This film is an eye-opener and everyone needs to watch this and become aware of all the different situations this documentary elaborates on. There are many different opinions on this film. Some believe that this film has a ton of misinformation, some think this is the wrong thing to worry about, and some think that we need to do better. Although there is so much commotion on this film, it is a must watch to help open your mind and still take part. Watch this film for yourself and decide. 

This Netflix documentary highlights the damaging effects of fishing on the world’s oceans. A British filmmaker just graduated college and decided to make a film on the ocean since he has always been in love with it, ever since he was a kid. He quickly discovers fishing is the biggest threat. This filmmaker introduces a lot of the problems going on in the fishing industry; however, many people believe this film uses lies and half-truths to set the ocean conversation movement for the sake of attention. In its entirety, you must watch this film to see for yourself. 

This film shows footage of dolphins being caught in giant fish nets where the young were being captured and sold to other industries, and the older ones were being slaughtered. These dolphins were being killed just to lower the competition for fish. If you kill the dolphins they cannot compete. This creates many problems for the ecosystem and most importantly these companies that provide tuna to thousands of Americans are labeled ‘dolphin safe’. How can it be dolphin safe if you are killing dolphins while gathering your product? This is just the beginning of what this film uncovers.

To continue on, everyone knows about the problem of plastic pollution. There have always been issues with plastic in the ocean that affects ocean life. One of the biggest issues with plastic pollution was with straws. There is even a video that shows a straw stuck in a sea turtle's nose and luckily there are marine biologists and specialists who pull it out and help these poor animals. Watching that video is so heartbreaking. But the thing is, that is only the tip of the iceberg. The major problem with plastic pollution is fishing gear and fishing nets. Of course the fishing industry is responsible for all this plastic pollution. Fishing nets are left in the ocean where many fish and other ocean species get stuck in and cannot get out, where sea life loses limbs, parts of their body, and some even die. When fishing nets are in use they are being dragged across the floor and ruining coral reefs. 

The ocean makes up 85% of the earth's oxygen. The ocean gives us so much and the only thing we can do is give back and take care of it. If we do not do anything to take care of our oceans, by the year 2048 there will be no place to call home. This documentary really gets down to the roots of the problems and gives so much information that can really open up your mind. Do not take my word for it,but instead watch this documentary for yourself. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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